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An Idea on how the NCAA could do the Brackets

Updated on March 11, 2017

Its tourney time baby, and the selection show and the pairing off of teams is such an exciting part of it. Its kind of like your fantasy draft, sometimes it can be more fun than the actual games.

So I was hanging out with a buddy last weekend and he said it would be cool if the seeds got to pick which bracket they played in so they could almost pick their locations of games. It was a good idea, but it got me thinking. And I believe I have one upped him. And I believe I have a hell of an idea on my hands.

Here we go....My idea is this. The selection committee picks the seeds for each of the teams just like they always do. But here is the rub, the head coaches pick which bracket they want to go into, starting with the 16s and moving towards the 1s.

Let that marinate for a minute....

Ok. So here is how it would work. The committee picks the four 16 seeds and rank them. Whichever one they have as the highest 16 seed will pick which of the four slots designated for a 16 seed they want to be in. This would probably be done geographically because the brackets are empty at this point. Then the next 16 seed until all 4 are in their slots.

Then the 15s would be up. Now the 15 seed can't choose to play the 16, the 15 must choose one of the four spots designated for a 15 seed. And so on so on. As you get lower and lower on the numbers, you can see how each bracket is starting to shape up and where to put your team.

Now here is where it gets fun. When you get to the 8 seeds, the bracket will be half full. Now these teams are actually picking their opponents in the first round. Since the four 9 seeds will be in, those four coaches of the 8 seeds are choosing who they want to play. So here is the example, and I'm going to make up random teams and scenarios that aren't real and aren't what I think their seeds will be, just an example. So lets say the four 9 seeds are Vandy, Syracuse, Michigan, and Xavier. And the first 8 seed is Creighton. The Creighton coach, looking at the bracket, will pick which of those four teams he wants to play against and where he wants to put his team in the bracket.

And this process will continue all the way down to the 1 seeds. And the 1 seeds will get to see almost the entire bracket filled out before picking which one to go into. Do they choose the one thats close to their home so they get a good home court advantage for the first two games? Do they see a bracket in general that they think is weaker and choose to go there? Do they feel like they have the number of a couple of the other high seeds in their bracket and like those match-ups with their team? I think it would make it extremely interesting. So the coaches would learn their seed and rank of that seed and then go live on the show and tell the committee where they are going in the bracket and why. And don't you just want to hear a coach say "we are better than this team," or "this bracket is a little weaker in our opinion." Think about the target you put on your back. If you are picked to get played against that means they think your team is weakest at that slot even if they don't say it. That will fire up the lower seeds.

So thats it. I think it would make for great tv and give the tournament more story lines. The problem is I don't have the platform to make this happen. My blog reach probably won't get to the right people to make this happen. So if anyone knows Kenny Smith or Ernie Johnson or Charles Barkley, or someone that is involved with the tournament to get this idea out there lets send them to this blog and get it rolling. I think it is a hell of an idea, one of my best yet!


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