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Anabolic Steroids vs Corticosteroids

Updated on July 28, 2009

I was out to the gym last week, when I overheard a conversation between two guy, one of them said that he was going to take his sisters prednisone (a corticorsteroids) to help him gain muscle. I hope he researched the topic before he did something that could potentially harm his body and not even get any results out of it.

So here is my 2 cents on the topic:

What are anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids are male hormones related to the hormone testosterone. They increase muscle mass and direct proteins to make muscle. Anabolic steroids are commonly taken by athletes to build muscle mass and boost athletic performance.

What are Corticorsteroids?

Corticorsteroids on the other hand are used for inflammation. There is weight gain in adipose tissue (fat tissue), mainly in the chest, face and stomach, rather than muscle. in fact they may cause determination of muscles and bone. which defeats the purpose of using it for muscle gain. it will also cause salt retention making people look swollen, people will appear to have a rounded face resembling Cushing's disease.

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