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Andrea Pirlo 40 yard strike

Updated on October 14, 2010

"OoOOOOo what a screamer!" haha I love the announcers reaction. Andrea Pirlo's 40 yard screamer vs Parma this past match was sensational. Soo precise you'd think he practiced from that exact position time and time again. Some players are talented enough and some players simply work hard, I believe Andrea Pirlo is a bit of both. The one advantage I believe he was ultimately blessed with aside from his natural talent is his vision for the game, Dissecting the defense with every slicing pass, the man is in a class of his own.

Great strike, but we need more goals like this!

as football fans we all love the speed of play and the scintillating passing, but most of all we love the thrilling goals such as Andrea Pirlo's, however; we want more! So if you've got any goals that you'd like to post or would like me to post feel free to post your comment and we'll definitely get your video up for your enjoyment!

These goals can be anywhere from your local sunday league match, to the UEFA Champions League and anything in between! I'm thinking Cristiano Ronaldo vs FC Porto bomb...


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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 7 years ago from > California

      Hello chrisaltamirano,

      Exciting Goal!...I still think if Andrea was healthy & available for the last FIFA World Cup, Team Italia would have been a serious contender to take the crown once again. Unfortunately due to injury he did not start the first three games hence Italy's departure early from the tournament. Hopefully next time around....

      Alternative Prime