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Interesting Facts About Angel Di Maria

Updated on October 31, 2014
DI Maria is shooting
DI Maria is shooting | Source

Angel Di Maria is an Argentine Footballer who was born in 14th February 1988, is a former Real Madrid winger and currently playing for Manchester United. Di Maria was born in the city of Rosario which he dearly loves and showed respect to the city on many occasions. He was born in a very poor family where getting food 2 times a day was their main objective. His whole family used to work in a coal Yard and he started helping them when he was only 10 years old. Today DI Maria is the fifth most expensive player of all time (as of 30/08/2014), the player with the highest transfer fee paid by a British Club. To be honest, Di Maria is my favorite player because I always enjoyed watching him Play. So, I have decided to share some of the wonderful fact about Angel Di MAria.

Interesting Facts About Angel Di Maria

1) 1 Year old Di Maria Fell into a well: As a child DI Maria was very hyper active. He used to walk here and there, as a result one day he accidentally fell into a well. But fortunately someone saw the incident and saved Di Maria's life.

2) Di Maria was once sold for only 35 Footballs: As of September 2014, Di Maria is the 5th most expensive player of all time, most expensive player in the British Club history and the most expensive player sold by Real Madrid. But do you know that Di Maria was sold for only 35 Footballs? Rosario Central gave 35 Footballs as transfer fee to secure the service of Di Maria. Although DI MAria was only 5 years old during that time.

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3) A cure for Hyper activity: As already mentioned above, Di Maria was very hyperactive since he was born. Because of many incidents, his mother took him to a doctor to find a cure. However, the doctor advised his mother to let him play sports to release hisbursting energy. As a result Di Maria started playing football and soon took the attention of his local club. This is how Di Maria's journey started as a football player. May be this is the reason why you would see DI Maria working much harder than the other Football players.

4) Living the dream of a Father: Di Maria's Father wanted to become a Football player. Once upon a time his father used to play for river plate Reserves but a bad knee injury ruined his dream. So, unfortunatey his father had to work in a coal yard for 16 years to support his family. Luckily Di Maria joined benifica and started to earn good amount of amoney. So, he told his father not to work in a coal yard anymore.

5) A mother's Sacrifice: Di Maria's mother also made a lot of sacrifices for the family. Di Maria's childhood club Rosario Central was far away from his house. When DI MAria was a kid his mother used to take him to Roasario Central for Seven years in a row.


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6) Survival of Mia Di Maria: Di Maria's daughter Mia Di Maria was born 3 months premature but fortunately survived after an intensive care in a Hospital. Mia Di Maria was born in the night before the champions league match against Borussia Dortmund. Di Maria missed that match to stay with his family.

7) Weight of Di Maria: Although Di Maria looks skinny his overall weight is decent. He weights 75 kg (165 lbs), which is fairly good for a 5' 11" Guy.

8) Family Means Everything: Family means everything to Di MAria and he has been helping his family since he was a child. Di Maria has given a major portion of his salary to his family after starting to make good amount of money as a professional Football player.

9) Di MAria nicknamed as Fideo: The Nick Name of Di Maria is Fideo, which means Noodles.

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      I am a Di Maria fan


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