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Fun Anime Beach Towels

Updated on January 16, 2015

Anime Beach Towel

This Naruto beach towel is one way to stand out at the beach. With its excellent quality and colors it cant help but stand out.
This Naruto beach towel is one way to stand out at the beach. With its excellent quality and colors it cant help but stand out.

Are you an Anime fan or simply like anime? Anime beach towels are a MUST for you then! Imagine walking around the beach with your favorite anime with you. Different anime towels from One Piece and Bleach to Ouran High School Host Club and even Full metal Alchemist provide a unique way to show your love for animation and that your a true anime fan. All of these towels are high quality and the colors don't fade for years of use. Regardless of the show, im sure you will get comments from other anime fans on your towel. The towels could feature a character, a group of characters, or even just the show logo or a symbol from the show (a pair of wings for example.)This way you can tell what towel is yours so there is never a mix up.

Towels are also great gifts for people whos birthdays are in the summer months or anyone who loves going to the beach in general. Almost any anime fan would most likely love an anime beach towel. Fans who go to anime conventions and expos would also love to take one of these towels along to sit on or just run around with like a cape, or maybe just use as a blanket for their legs. One of the top towels you cant go wrong with is a Naruto Shippuden anime towel. Even if you dont watch Naruto or dislike the show most people will know who it is and still think the towel is awesome regardless.

Miku Vocaloid Concert!

Miku is one of the most popular anime girls in the world. Shes is part of the vocaloids that is feature as art, music, and even a Japanese 3D hologram event. The girls are actual projected onto the stage and move just like people in a 3D view in large areas. One of the vocaloid concerts can be seen here. Why not be a super fan of this awesome anime music movement and pick up a towel?

Other then that there are many available anime towels out there. Some best sellers are here but more advanced towels with anime featured on them come from Japan websites (normally paying expensive collector rates) and in collector only stores such as Newbury Comics. Well what are you waiting for then? Grab your new anime towel and head to the beach!


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