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Maid Cafe for anime fans Re Zero

Updated on October 21, 2016

Maid Cafe for anime fans Re: Zero.

A maid cafe in the district of Nipponbashi in Osaka, called mel cafe, cafe Converted turned into paradise for fans Re: Zero. This cafe was opened on Saturday last week, completed the site will and posters of the characters in Re: Zero.

3D and 2D battle between mel in cafe

The cafés often have the character on television, and this coffee shop so mel their menu has the character and the desserts are inspired by the characters in Re: Zero.

Also of course there will be a small gift for the customers, it's a coaster Emilia for all customers. Also, if they're lucky will be able to get the card with the character of our lovely in it.

What do you think about this cafe paradise then, sure enough when AD is to go through the new test: 3

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Anime Re:Zero.

Anime Re:Zero.


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