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Who is the Councilman's Lord? Another Lucha Underground Investigation!

Updated on May 12, 2016

Ladies, gentlemen, disgruntled Tottenham Hotspur fans who are about to be even more miserable once Arsenal jumps over them for second (in the words of Scott Steiner, I got no sympy!); it has been a lovely two weeks for yours truly. I watched Leicester City complete the most improbable feel good story in the history of sports. I watched Dune again. The Cubs are white hot. I caught a Mew in Pokemon Red (sure that was weeks ago, BUT STILL!). Lucha Underground delivered one of the most memorable matches I’ve seen all year in Sexy Star vs. Mariposa. And now they’ve given me the gift that keeps on giving; another mystery man angle!

That’s right folks; the same bonkers wrestling promotion that brought you the mysteries of Matanza, Mariposa and Pentagon Jr.’s master is back with a whole new man in the shadows. This time its master/lord/boss of the equally mysterious Councilman Delgado, who together wield so much control over El Jefe that a) El Jefe is paying this mystery man money just because and b) the mere mention of him coming to the Temple turned Dario from El Jefe into the equivalent of Sarah Walker after she thought Chuck had killed the mole. As my younger, League of Legends obsessed brother would say, this mystery man is OP (no, I don’t know what it means either). And as I’ve investigated the identities of Matanza, Mariposa and Pentagon’s master in the past (and totally nailed two of the three!), it’s only fitting that I do the same here. So let’s not waste time kids; time to hit the drawing board.

The Evidence

There’s really not a whole lot to go on here, considering we only even caught a glimpse of this mystery man last night. Even still there are at least a few clues that we can go on for the time being. They are as follows;

1) This mystery man is Delgado’s boss/lord and someone even Delgado seems to be afraid of. Considering the Councilman is, well, a councilman, the fact that he’s happily working under this mystery dude suggests that our main man is an uber charismatic and powerful. The fact that Delgado also called him a lord suggests that this isn’t the only follower this man has. Perhaps he’s a cult leader? If so, hide the damn Kool Aid!

2) He’s rich. That limousine didn’t wasn't sold for free peeps; clearly the mystery man has money.

3) He has a fondness for black gloves and cigars. People may have missed this but the quick glimpse we got of said mystery man showed him wearing dark gloves while lighting up a Cuban with the lighter to end all lighters. That’s not a coincidence and I’m pretty sure those will be things we’ll continue to see in regards to this man.

4) He’s a pretty big name. You don’t put that type of fear and worship into someone unless you’re kind of a big deal. This mystery man is a big deal, which suggests he was (or still is) a major player in the wrestling/lucha libre/Lucha Underground world. He may in fact be a descendent of the Aztec Gods in the same mold as Matanza, especially if Delgado’s belief of him being stronger than El Jefe’s brother is true. Then again, perhaps he’s just sucking up!

So what does it mean? Who out there fits the description of powerful lord/possible cult leader who enjoys black leather gloves, cigar, a high end lifestyle and who is most likely a big deal? Glad you asked. Let’s get into the suspect pool, which if we’re being honest, ranges from some out there theories to some that surprisingly make a lot of sense.


This one may be out of left field for some, but hear me out. I would’ve never considered Flamita for this either until I saw that lighter. That wasn’t just any lighter; it was a mega lighter and it was very notable that the camera lingered long on the flame more than anything else. Who out there is more associated with flames and fire than a guy with it in his name? I honestly have nothing else after that and Flamita, who is barely old enough to drink, doesn’t strike me as someone with the name value as of now to be an all powerful lord. But man, that flame has me thinking. Plus, it’s not unheard of for young people to rise up and become overlords quickly right? Maybe Flamita is someone who entered the underbelly of lucha at a young age and rose up to become all powerful. If Paul Atredis could be the Kwisatz Haderach at sixteen, Flamita can be a lucha lord!

Only Dune fans will get this one!
Only Dune fans will get this one!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Yes you’re reading this correctly. Fan of the column and one half of the Last Real Heel’s JMAN floated this idea out on Twitter earlier and…against my better judgment I could buy it. Ahnuld did just replace Donald Trump as the host of The Apprentice recently, a show that not so coincidentally is produced by LU money man Mark Burnett and stared LU ring announcer and American Sweetheart Melissa Santos. The connections are there, as well as Ahnuld fitting the mold of a powerful dude who’d command fear, respect, cash and a lifetime of cigars for his limo rides. Do I buy it as the most likely scenario? Not even close, and unlike JMAN, my enthusiasm for Ahnuld being the mystery man would be lower than it is for the last movie of his I saw. But I suppose there’s a 1% chance I could see it happening. And now JMAN can say that his crazy theory was at least posted in a column!

L.A. Park

He wears black; he commands respect anywhere he goes; he singlehandedly put a stop to the lucha libre world just a month ago; he’s a legend. Do I really need to go on here? Forget about that little hold up that is Park working for Elite at the moment; he’s exactly the kind of lucha libre legend who would fit this role perfectly. Also keep this in mind; a lot of people are assuming that this mystery man will be appearing in the Temple by the end of season two. The problem is there’s no guarantee of that, and if LU truly does have a big name in the cards for this role they’re not going to want it to get spoiled by him either appearing at the end of season two or even the majority of season three (we’ve all unfortunately seen that big spoilers have a way of getting out). My point is, if you’re LU and you have no plans to show this guy for season two, wouldn’t the best way to keep him secret be confining him to a minor yet important role outside of the Temple (i.e. backstage scenes only) and then rolling him out only at the last moment (say, Ultima Lucha III)? I think that’s a strong possibility to consider, and if that’s indeed the route they take, Park’s potential to be this man goes way, way up.

Big Ryck

Yes he’s dead. But when has that stopped anyone in Lucha Underground before besides Bael? Really the only reason Ryck is on here is due to his love of cigars and the fact that the mystery dude was smoking one. Besides that it’s likely Ryck is still as dead as Community. YOU PROMISED US SIX SEASONS AND MOVIE HARMON!

CM Punk

I know, I know; he’s retired, he wants nothing to do with wrestling, he’s having his first UFC fight soon and there’s no way a straight edge guy like CM Punk would ever smoke a cigar. I hear that; I also don’t care. If JMAN can have his Ahnuld theory, I can have my CM Punk theory. Maybe he’s been playing the long game. Maybe he’s no longer straight edge. YOU NEVER KNOW! Let the record also show that Punk is here just so I can make Matt Mortensen roll his eyes. I can hear him doing it right now.

Damien Sandow

Chalk this one up as another theory possible if LU is playing the long game. Obviously if the character is revealed before the end of season two it’ll be someone other than the former Intellectual Savior of the Masses, who until last week was still shackled in WWE. If he isn’t revealed till later though, it could certainly be Sandow. Few people are able to do character work in wrestling like this man can and he has the look and the attitude to pull off that of a highly privileged lord who is looking to take over the Temple. There’s not a great chance of this happening, but at least there’s a chance. Somewhere Lloyd Christmas just got a little too excited.

DelAvar Daivari

Friend and fellow LU columnist Leaf floated this idea to me a few minutes ago. Certainly Daivari isn’t someone you’d immediately think for this role, but we do know he comes from money, we do know he lives a high end lifestyle and perhaps he really, REALLY likes the Temple and wants to make El Jefe’s life miserable after a poor season one. Here’s the problem; is Councilman Delgado really going to be scared of Daivari? No chance in hell; I’m pretty sure Delgado wouldn’t even be intimidated by Daivari even if the Golden Warrior had a massive henchman by his side. Barring Daivari having gotten a hundred times more intimidating or him going back and time and bringing 80s Mike Tyson back as his bodyguard, the odds are low it’s him. On second thought, perhaps Daivari paid off Aerostar and had him take him back to get Tyson...shit I'm starting to buy this now!

El Hijo del Santo

You can tell I’m really grasping at straws now to be playing the Santo card. And yet am I? Like I said earlier, whoever this guy is a big name and is someone who demands attention, respect and fear. Who in lucha libre demands all of that more than the Santo name? Who would want to come check out the Temple more than the son of a man who made the Temple possible, whose mask is the most legendary wrestling mask in the history of wrestling? I don’t know if Santo can currently go or not and he can be a tricky man to both get a hold of and keep a good relationship with. But man I like this idea the more I think about it. And hey, this should be something that happens one day right? Could you say that Lucha Underground did everything if it didn’t have El Hijo del Santo, the son of El Santo, in the Temple at least once? It’s destiny. Speaking of destiny…

Alberto El Patron

Plot twist; Alberto leaving LU and heading to WWE to become the most uselessly overpaid performer in history hemisphere was all a ploy to get him even more sympathy, leading to an even bigger return when he rides back in on the white horse. I can’t believe I just completed that sentence with a straight face! By the way, if you showed this scenario to Patron, how quickly do you think he’d jump at it? I’d give it less than seven seconds. That’s how badly Alberto screwed it all up.

Dr. Wagner Jr.

If it seems like the rest of these theories aren’t exactly that good or plausible, that’s mainly because I’ve already made up my mind on who the mystery man is. And I’m thinking it’s the Good Doctor here. There are rumors that he will be showing up to the Temple before the end of the season, the Dr. Wagner name is one of the most famous in lucha libre history and Wagner himself is one of the biggest lucha libre stars of today AND one of the biggest stars of the past thirty years. The only reasons to think Wagner wouldn’t be this guy is a) he doesn’t usually dress in black and b) he doesn’t stay put very long. Neither of those things is enough to convince me that Wagner isn’t the frontrunner for this position. Not only that, he should be. If you were going to use someone as an all powerful figure in the world of lucha libre, a man who strikes fear into the people under him, who better than Wagner? He’s a big star, he can deliver in the ring and he’s fresh considering he’s one of the few big lucha stars to never cross over even the slightest into the US Television market. I’d bet the farm the mystery man is the Good Doctor, and I for one welcome it.

And with that, the investigation is over for now. Who knows; perhaps there will be more clues we find in the upcoming weeks that cause me to go back to this or even write another column. We shall see. In the meantime I’m off till tomorrow, where hopefully I’ve convinced Mortensen to do a column on the ten matches we most want to headline the 83rd Anniversary Show this fall. Till then, here’s the weirdest Dr. Wagner Jr. pic you’ll ever see!

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