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Another Strange Night Of Pond Fishing For Catfish In Oklahoma

Updated on May 6, 2012

Round 2!!! Or 4!!! Depends How You Look At It

This hub is a sequel of sorts to another hub I wrote recently titled 3 Strange Nights of Pond Fishing For Catfish In Oklahoma. It's about a friend and my experience fishing his pond 3 nights for catfish. What made it strange was that the first night when it was freezing cold we caught three fish and a few nights later when it was hot we caught nothing. This hub is about our fourth attempt at fishing for catfish in my friend's pond.

Here We Go Again

This time we weren't nearly as pumped because we had been disappointed last time, but we were still a little bit excited. This time I didn't waste any money on garlic, shad, hotdogs or any other kind of bait. We just picked up worms and called it good. No point wasting money if we know what the little buggers like. Again we set out late after work. We hit the water right around 2AM and this time it was a pleasant 65 degrees so at least we didn't have to fight the cold.

On our way to our fishing spot we passed a little water snake hanging out on the bank. My friend is not a big fan of snakes, and he was not well pleased. I gently kicked my foot in the air above the snake and he slithered off in to the pond and disappeared. My friend muttered curse words and moved his light around him in a wide circle keeping his eye out.

My friend just used the one pole he had been using the previous nights. I baited up two seperate poles and cast them out in different directions. Then we waited... And waited... And waited... And my friend checked for snakes... And we waited...

After about an hour we were both cursing the fish. Nothing was happening. Occasionally we would think we were getting bites only to be fooled by the wind or some weeds at the bottom. Finally something stirred on my friends line, and with commendable patience he waited until the fish took the bait and he set the hook. He brought in another little yellow bullhead.

my friend's catch
my friend's catch

This made us both a little more excited. He baited back up. I checked my current bait. We both cast back out. That is when the craziest thing that you could never guess happened... We waited... And waited... And waited... And went back to cursing the infernal fish.

Some where in there I felt a solid tug on one of my lines. I gently picked it up and used all of my willpower to be patient. For several minutes I held the pole, and every so often I would get a tiny tug. Enough that I knew it was a fish, but confident that in fickle catfish fashion the bait had not been taken yet.

I was just getting ready to attempt setting the hook when my friend said, "Uh... You better check your other pole."

I glanced over to see the line on my other rod go tight. So I dropped the rod I was holding and scooped the other one up. I felt a strong pull and fired my rod back to set the hook. I slowly worked the the fish and pulled him up on the bank. I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple shots, then started working the hook out of his mouth.

My first catch
My first catch

I glanced over and saw that my other line had gone tight now too, and was confident there was a fish there too. So I quickly finished dealing with the first fish and scooped up my second pull. When I pulled back there was pressure, but it didn't pull back. I cursed realizing I was caught in the weeds. I started trying to wiggle it free and could feel the weeds snap.

Then the line started pulling back at me and I realized the fish was still there. Once he had taken the hook in his mouth he had headed for the weeds. He had plenty of time to get mangled up in them while I was dealing with his fellow fish. Fortunately, I was able to drag him in along with a huge pile of weeds.

After that we pretty much called it a night. We still aren't sure what to think of that pond, but we will probably give it another try soon because despite their small stature those little yellow bullheads are pretty fun to catch.

My second catch along with his huge pile of weeds
My second catch along with his huge pile of weeds


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