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Anthony Not Suspended

Updated on February 26, 2013

According to ESPN, Anthony will not be suspended for his dustup with Spencer Hawes on Saturday night.

In the third quarter of the Knicks-76ers game, Anthony hit Hawes in the back of the head. This lead to them fighting for the position on a rebound; Hawes was trying to angrily approach Anthony, but was pulled away by Tyson Chandler.

Anthony is known as the Knicks’ biggest star players. He is named one of the all-time greatest players.

Chandler and Hawes received a double technical. Anthony received a flagrant foul. Before the incident occurred Hawes elbowed Anthony.

The league reviewed this incident and decided to not suspend Anthony, even though, he has been involved in a couple of incidents this season alone.

Anthony received two technical during the Knicks game to Chicago back in the December. He was suspended for only a single because he fought Kevin Garnett in the bowels at Madison Square Garden after Anthony lost to them last month.

Do you think Anthony should be suspended? Perhaps he is getting special treatment since he is the Knicks’ star player.


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