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Antique Tackle Boxes

Updated on March 23, 2011

Antique Tackle Boxes

My grand father loved to fish. He enjoyed fishing with set lines and cane poles. In Wisconsin this is a method that many fisherman have used for over 100s of years. I believe that the Natives tied line to the snags that hang over the rivers, baited these lines and came back the next day to take the fish or turtle off of the line. Certainly they used nets also, this was before fishing regulations.

My grand father had an amazing collection of antique tackle boxes, Even back in the 1960s these boxes were brought up in conversation all of the time. Some were metal a few were wood. But mostly they had antique lures in the likes you have never seen. Some hand made and imported from Europe and Japan.

He seldom discussed his lures because he wanted to keep some of them a secret. You know some fisherman think they have a big secret. Like a lure of a secret time or spot to go fishing. My grand father was one of those guys. He loves a fish story and the fish seemed to keep getting bigger all the time.By the time I was a teenager the fish that was 20 pounds when I was 10 is now at least 30. He was great, he taught us how to survive and not waste anything we caught. If we were caught wasting fish, you were in big trouble.

The fishing skills that he taught me have helped me catch fish almost any where and any time I want.

Well I saw all those Antique Tackle Boxes on Ebay and it reminded me of all the fish that grandpa and I caught. Check out the books they have on Amazon about collecting Fishing lures and tackle boxes.

Fishing Lures and Tackle


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