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Anze Kopitar girlfriend Ines

Updated on July 19, 2012

Anze Kopitar girlfriend Ines

Before you get interested in Anze Kopitar girlfriend Ines, you shouldn’t keep the identity of Anze out of your sight either. He is actually Slovenia’s pride, being the first one from this country to play in the National Hockey League in Los Angeles. At the young age of 24, you can easily say that he has already accomplished a lot in his life so far.

Despite his fame and money, he didn’t follow the path of other male athletes that have tumultous romantic lives. Anze Kopitar girlfriend Ines represents the living proof of his stable relationship status, the two of them having met at a World Championship in Maribor, Slovenia in 2005. This means that they became a couple before he was even selected by Los Angeles Kings as their hockey player in 2006.

Photo of Anze Kopitar girlfriend Ines

Their story...

Even though some journalists mentioned the fact that Anze Kopitar girlfriend Ines wasn’t living with him in Los Angeles, given the amount of that time that it passed since those articles were written, she has probably moved to L.A with him by now. In addition to this, all the pictures showing them together wouldn’t come up in magazines if they weren’t a couple anymore.

Anze Kopitar girlfriend Ines isn’t just the love interest of the famous hockey player because she has a career of her own. In fact, they both met at the World Championship in Maribor because Ines was an events manager who handled all the matters regarding the competition. They said that it was love at first sight while their relationship has lasted for more than six years.

Anze Kopitar interview

More about Anze Kopitar girlfriend Ines

Due to the fact that Anze had to leave to Los Angeles shortly after they met, he and his actual Anze Kopitar girlfriend Ines developed an online communication which grew stronger and stronger , allowing them to get to know each other more and more even at a distance. Therefore, their love was not just a sparkle of the moment, but one for a lifetime.

Anze’s fans like Anze Kopitar girlfriend Ines not only because the two of them are a couple, but also because of her pleasant and positive personality. She is a pretty girl who doesn’t insist on putting on a lot of make-up. Her beauty is natural, which is a rather rare thing in Hollywood and one of the reasons why Anze is deeply in love with her. Although hockey doesn’t allow him a lot of free time, he spends all his free time with Ines as often as he can.

Anze Kopitar girlfriend Ines

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