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Aquatic Foam Care and Storage Tips - Water Sports and Toys - Aquatic Pool Noodle

Updated on March 25, 2016

Swimming pools are simply made more fun with water toys. Yet not all water toys are created equal. The foam quality can vary substantially and can change how you care and store for your water sports equipment. Also, when purchasing a water toy, you must be careful that the foam does not contain latex. Latex for many people is an irritant. For some, latex is a stated allergy. Whatever the case, when choosing your water toys, do learn the basic differences in our closed cell foam technology. Don't waste your time and money on an item that will irritate you and your family and thus lessen your water fun.

Wonderful Pool Toys for Exercise

women exercising with a white pool noodle underwater in a white bikini
women exercising with a white pool noodle underwater in a white bikini | Source

Budee Water Toy Seated Balance

black purple and bright green diagram showcasing the Budee Water Toy and the fun seated balance where you challenge your core to retain your balance in the water
black purple and bright green diagram showcasing the Budee Water Toy and the fun seated balance where you challenge your core to retain your balance in the water | Source

The Aquatic Noodle

The aquatic noodle is perhaps one of the world's most popular toys of all time and by any account, it is the world's leading swim toy. It is simple and versatile but the foam that is used can vary.

As a certified personal trainer and an aquatic group fitness trainer, I have seen and heard first hand all the joys and the sorrows of the aquatic noodle.

The story that has not been told is the cheap children's aquatic noodle is often the only exercise tool or only toy in the swimming pool. This abrasive $1.99 special is by far better than nothing but the world offers so many more soft toys which in the long run are cheaper. For you see that $1.99 special made of the foam that resembles the rough bark of the tree will irritate the skin. I have sadly heard the cries of complaints from pregnant women with beautiful soft skin and the noodle has caused a rash. This is a common problem. Children and men I have found are more resilient but young females who are seeking the comfort of the water for exercise who then must contend with rashes from the rough foam really dismays me.

Foam is very important to me as I am the inventor of the swim board used called EZ Swimmer and now a new product will be launched in the world of water toys which I have decided to call Budee. The foam on Budee is simply the best in the world. I have asked for samples from other places of the world, I have tested various types of foams and I have had several knocks on my door - this place can offer you the same foam for a cheaper price. Let me tell you, not all foam is equal. And until you see and test the foam, I am not a believer. But enough about me, what we need to convey here is how the different foams can help you and how you can care for your aquatic foam swimming pool toys.

Why Am I Writing About Water Toys and Aquatic Noodles

For my swim board, Budee and EZ Swimmer, I did allot of research and retained a plastics engineer. Recently I wanted to update my product care paperwork that I insert behind each mailing label. All too often, clients will ask about how to care for their board. I wanted a comprehensive sheet of paper with visual keys to make the details memorable.

I love aquatic noodles but not the hard, scratchy kind. I find it almost inhuman to offer fitness classes with inexpensive, children toys that can irritate the skin.

The hotel industry, the health club industry, the fitness industry, I feel needs to stand up and set standards so that aquatic exercise is free of skin irritations. The kind of foam tools utilized should be high quality with concern for the end user and the aquatics instructor.

Mother Nature's Foam Technology

natural latex being sapped from a tree - the first rubberized material - the rubber material right from Mother Nature
natural latex being sapped from a tree - the first rubberized material - the rubber material right from Mother Nature | Source

Polymers From Latex to Closed Cell Foam

Rubberized material long ago started from Mother Nature. Like all great items - Mother Nature did it first!

So what is latex then?

"Latex is the stable dispersion (emulsion) of polymer microparticles in an aqueous medium. Latexes may be natural or Synthetic. It can be made synthetically by polymerizing a monomer such as styrene that has been emulsified with surfactants."

For you see, latex can be natural or it can be synthetic (man-made). Latex I find irritating to my skin. I don't believe i have had natural latex, probably only man-made. Often you will find heart rate monitors that are water resistant that contain latex. I have not found aquatic toys with latex but latex fits well with the discussion of this many types of polymers.

Closed Cell Foam Technology from NASA

Yes, this foam was originally developed specifically for rocket scientists and it was originally commissioned for the insulation around jet propulsion engines. Now you know the rest of the story!

Toys - Aquatic and Closed Cell - Special Tips for Care and Storage

Attribute of Foam Toy
What This Means to You
Latex Free
Will not irritate sensitive skin
Heat Resistant
Can leave out in the hottest of summers
Cold Resistant
Can leave out in the coldest of winters
Water Resistant
Can leave exposed to water
Soft and Impressionable
Any object, even soft and light will leave a permanent mark or discoloration
Bruises, Indents & Discolors Easily
Do not ship with paper, do not leave even a magazine on top

Budee Water Toy - Closed Cell Foam Care and Storage Tips

Budee Water Toy graphical display in black and purple of how to care for your closed cell water toys
Budee Water Toy graphical display in black and purple of how to care for your closed cell water toys | Source

Swimming Pool Noodles by Fun Swim Shop

Square Noodles

Square aquatic noodle called sqoodle(r) by Aqua Jogger
Square aquatic noodle called sqoodle(r) by Aqua Jogger | Source

Not All Aquatic Noodles Are Made the Same

There is great technology in foam today and with that technology comes a great product that if you haven't tried it - you owe it to yourself and your swimming club, aquatics class to try out the Squoodle(TM).Squoodle(TM) is brought to us by the same company that makes the much loved aqua jogger. It is a square noodle and it is made of a soft closed cell foam that will not irritate your skin.

Look for this today at your big box store and your skin will thank you!

[Full Disclosure: Author is the inventor of a closed cell board called EZ Swimmer or Budee. The author has no financial connection to the makers of Squoodle(TM).

Share Your Aquatic Experiences

Have you or your aquatic clients experienced skin rashes with the rough noodles?

See results

Closed Cell Foam Options for Aquatic Noodles

Today's marketplace, even at the big box store, there are fantastic options for your pool toy or aquatic exercise equipment. Don't settle for the rough foam, upgrade and invest in a soft foam that will not irritate your skin with prolonged use.

You deserve it! Your skin deserves it!

© 2014 Kelly Kline Burnett


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