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Archery Hunting Tips Part III: Choosing The Right Gear, Scents, & Optics

Updated on January 23, 2012
White Tail Deer
White Tail Deer | Source

Hunting during archery season, especially during the rut means you need to be ready to smell things that you don't want to smell! It also means you will need to have good binoculars and some rangefinders to help see, range, and harvest that deer. Here's some must have gear.

There are tons of scents out on the market nowadays, but realistically there are only a few scents that you really need to have on you to bring in that deer. First, you should have some doe urine to help cover your tracks. Deer have an amazing nose, and it becomes amplified when the wind is blowing in their direction. By spraying doe urine on your boots, you are eliminating the path you took to get to your spot. You can also use it as a cover scent if you touch anything around your spot. Another scent you should have is doe estrus. During the rut, buck feed on this scent. It's what keeps them going. By purchasing doe estrus, you can mimic that there is a doe at your spot, the buck will smell it, and you will bring him into you. The final scent you should have is buck urine. Buck urine is helpful if you are hunting over or near a buck scrape. You can spray buck urine, or doe estrus if you'd like, in the scrape to act like there's another buck on his territory (which he will not like and will patrol the area), or that there's a doe milling around his territory (which he will like and will come back to find her). Another scent like thing you should have is scent eliminator. Scent Away is a good product to use to spray yourself down to help reduce your human odor. Deer can smell you, so eliminate that smell!

Every archery hunter should possess a pair of decent binoculars and rangefinders. Binoculars serve as the eyes you don't have. They're powerful and really aid you in vision. They help you see what the naked eye can't. Take advantage of them! Range finders help you to range distances to know how far you're shooting. No one has a dead eye for distance, so instead of guessing and possibly wounding a deer, get yourself some range finders!

Other things you should have in your possession are a grunt call, something to mimic deer horns fighting, and a knife. Have all these? You're ready to go!


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