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Archery Hunting Tips Part II: Choosing The Right Apparel

Updated on January 23, 2012
Camouflage | Source

When it comes to dressing properly for archery season, it could be tricky to find the right things to buy. Where I live and hunt in PA, archery season could be as warm as 60 degrees or as cold as 30 degrees. For this reason I have to have a light layer of clothing and a heavy layer. Here's a guide to some of the best types of clothing to have.

Base Layer
It's important to wear a base layer for those cold mornings and evenings. Under Armour can't be beat when it comes to this area. I recommend the Under Armour Base Layer, as well as the Under Armour 2.0 Base. The regular base layer can be worn even in warmer temperatures because they have a heat gear line of clothing to wick away moisture. Their cold gear base layer does the same. Be sure to choose the right layer to wear first. Click Here to purchase your own base layer.

Top Layer
Over top of your base layer you should have a long sleeve camo shirt on. This can be a button up shirt, a pocket long sleeve, or regular long sleeve. Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops offer different lines of tops like Cabela's and Red Head. Choose something with a deep camo pattern such as Realtree AP to blend in with your surroundings.
Along with the shirt comes pants. Depending on where you live, you could purchase an insulated or non insulated pant. These can also be found at Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops.

Outer Layer
The last layer you may possibly need is your outer layer. This would be your jacket and possibly bibs. Again, it depends what temperatures you are hunting in. Make sure the jacket you purchase has enough room for you to move in, and isn't too bulky. Under Armour has a good choice of matching coat and pants that will keep you warm in cooler conditions called Under Armour Capture.

Gloves & Hats
Gloves may be optional depending on the temperature, or maybe you like to wear gloves all the time to hide your hands. Under Armour offers a glove liner that's thin and will allow you to still pull back and shoot your bow. They aren't bulky. For a thicker glove, Red Head produces a good line of gloves as well as Gor-Tex. Baseball hats are usually worn and can be picked up really anywhere anymore. For a heavier hat, try buying a beenie anywhere as well.

Boots can make or break you. If you do alot of walking, your boots need to be comfortable. If you sit alot, they need to be warm. Try on boots before buying them to see how they feel on your foot. Rocky has a variety of boots at reasonable cost.


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