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Hunting-My First Time Bowhunting Rams

Updated on August 31, 2013
This is my first ram (Corsican Ram) taken with my bow a few years ago.  Not a real trophy to some but he is to me. Source:  Bubba Jasper
This is my first ram (Corsican Ram) taken with my bow a few years ago. Not a real trophy to some but he is to me. Source: Bubba Jasper

And So It Began...

Well it's me again, Bubba Jasper and I wanted to tell you all about my first archery ram hunt. What a time we all had! Great friends, great food, great guides and great scenery! How could it not have been fun with all of that?

This hunt was a few years ago in March. Some guys I used to work with and I had been talking about wanting to go archery hunting for rams for a few weeks. So much so that we would even practice shooting our bows on our lunch breaks at work. Well we all decided on a weekend and made sure everything was covered at work and set our thoughts on our first archery ram hunt. We all couldn't wait for that day to come! Any day spent in the outdoors is much better than being at work! Hunting is work also but you don't seem to notice it for some reason!

That Friday morning came and we met at work, packed our two poor trucks down with stuff and piled in for the four to six hour drive to the hunting area. It takes four to six hours depending on how many times we stop to eat or whatever. We had our trucks packed with so much stuff it looked like we were hauling everything we owned. We had duffel bags, food, coolers, bow cases, a couple of floor fans, and I don't know what else! Looking back, our trucks looked like a couple of junk haulers with all that gear piled high in the back! I laugh now as I think about it. But what a time we had! There was eight of us and most had never hunted before. Some guys were hunting with rifles and some of us, including me, were bow hunting.

I love bowhunting but I don't get to go as often as I'd like to anymore. I want to get myself a new bow but I need to run that one by my wife. They really can be quite expensive these days! Well where was I? Oh yea, back to our trip. Sorry, I tend to stray off topic when I think about that new bow I want.

Well we got on the road safely and the weather was a little warm with no rain in the forecast. Mother Nature was smiling on us that weekend. We drove for awhile but it wasn't long until someone wanted to stop. The actual travelling and the stops are always fun for me because I like to look at everything along the road and at the store or restaurant we happen to stop at! My theory is that I never know if I'll be back here again so I like to take in everything! We pulled into a roadside restaurant and all went in and sat at a few tables dragged together. We must have been a sight! A few of us had camo hats and or shirts on just to be in the spirit of the weekend hunt. Must have looked like a small military invasion to the locals in the restaurant as they were really looking at us. But hey, no problem! I can't say that I wouldn't do the same thing had the roles been reversed.

We all had a great breakfast and talked and laughed and stretched. Something about eating on the road, to me the food is always better for some reason. Soon we were back on the road. Some slept as we talked about the hunt with anticipation. Man, I couldn't wait to get there!

Along the way I saw several deer feeding along the side of the highway. They were just grazing in the grass and didn't flinch at all as the high speed traffic went by. I guess they were used to it. It is seeing something as simple as a few deer along the highway that just adds to my memories of this trip. That's what I mean when I say I like the travelling part of each trip I take. Part of nature's beauty that you just can't see at home in the city. It's good to get outdoors and share experiences with family, friends and nature. Clears the head and opens the heart!

Well we finally arrived and got checked in at the ranch. We soon met the guides that would meet us before dark early the next morning and take us out to the hunting areas. That night we had a great dinner, built a large fire and sat around it telling hunting and fishing stories. Once again a great memory!

That next morning we awoke and dressed in our hunting duds and met the guides outside. They drove us in two groups (bows and guns). As I said I was bowhunting and we went to this really beautiful wooded area to begin our hunt. Our guide said he would put us out and let us see the area on foot and if we saw any rams we liked that we could try and take one. My friend Lewis and I went out together and soon saw a small group of rams about 100 yards away. They were headed toward a small patch of trees directly in front of us. We eased slowly down to the trees and got settled in waiting for the rams to walk by. I had a shooting lane open in front of me and we got well concealed in the trees.

This is the second ram (Mouflon) taken with my bow on my second archery hunt.  Again, not a real trophy by some standards but he is A OK in my book.  Had a great hunt!   Source:  Bubba Jasper
This is the second ram (Mouflon) taken with my bow on my second archery hunt. Again, not a real trophy by some standards but he is A OK in my book. Had a great hunt! Source: Bubba Jasper


I saw a ram I liked the looks of and kept my eyes on him as they continued to head our way. For what seemed like an eternity they moved closer and closer until they were just beginning to walk by the patch of trees where we were. Lewis was about five feet behind me and we had already decided I would try first to take a ram. As the rams continued walking by out in front of my shooting lane I could see my ram was toward the rear of them. He eased ever so slowly to the edge of my shooting lane. I let him come on in until he was close to where I felt confident I would have a good clean shot. I cleared my throat very quietly to stop him as I drew my arrow back. He stopped and looked my way and didn't see me but by then I already had my 20 yard sight pin on his shoulder. I touched the trigger of my bow release and the 2 sided blade broadhead tipped arrow was sent his way! The arrow hit right where I had aimed and sliced through like it went through butter. It came completely out the other side of his ribcage and continued on another 20 or so yards. The ram made a little twitch and jumped in the air. As he landed he ran in the direction he was walking and fell about 50 yards away. Good clean ethical kill on my first ram! He wasn't a trophy in the sense of being a huge scoreable ram but to me he was a definite trophy! Lewis said I made a great shot and congratulated me on my first ram.

It is very important to me to take only a good, clean shot whether I am hunting with a gun or bow. I will not shoot at anything unless I have a clean kill shot. That's a promise I made to myself and to the game I hunt when I first started hunting. I feel all hunters owe this to themselves and the game they hunt. To me it is a matter of respect, thanks and honor. Respect for oneself and the game they hunt, thanks for one's health and the ability to be able to hunt and honor for the sport itself. Sounds a little deep but that's how I feel about it!

Well on this trip everyone got themselves a good ram. We drove back that Sunday morning already planning another trip back to hunt again!

Everyone had a great time and we all had our own individual stories and memories to share back at work.

We did return again that following May and I was lucky enough to take a second ram on my second bowhunt there. However it was incredibly hot this time and I had to crawl through some grass in order to get a good shot on my ram. I wound up getting a few ticks on me that I had to remove that night back at the ranch. What an experience!

I hope you enjoyed my ram bowhunting experience! I recommend you giving it a try if you enjoy hunting!


Food is good! Long live the farmer! Long live the chef! Long live the stove!

Thanks again,



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