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Are Bodybuilding Supplements A Waste Of Money?

Updated on July 27, 2015
  • Your gym membership is not a waste of money...if you train consistently.
  • Eating 8 oz. of meat every other hour is not a waste of money...if you train consistently.
  • Taking bodybuilding supplements is not a waste of money...if you train and eat clean...consistently.

But if you are dreaming of becoming a professional bodybuilder, you must understand that bodybuilding supplements only play a small role in your chances of winning bodybuilding competitions. They can play an important role for an advanced bodybuilder, but if you're just starting out or if your training and diet are hit-and-miss, then dropping big bucks on powders and pills may actually be a waste of money for you.

Professional Bodybuilders Use Steroids And Other Bodybuilding Drugs To Develop Their Physiques

If you have hopes of setting foot on the Mr. Olympia stage someday, then you simply need to accept the fact that using controlled substances to build muscle and strip fat - and counteract the side-effects of those other drugs - is something that you will have to do. There is no way around this fact. Steroids and other muscle-building drugs are a necessity at all levels of professional bodybuilding. Even national-level amateur competitors need to juice up if they hope to crack the top three and earn their pro cards.

So if being a bodybuilder is your lifelong dream, then either get used to that reality or adjust your bodybuilding goals. You don't have to do the drugs to have a great-looking body, but to stand next to the pros, you gotta do what the pros do. There are a lot of guys out there who made great progress in their bodybuilding without drugs, but they are not going to the Mr. Olympia competition this year.


Professional Bodybuilders Use Bodybuilding Supplements To Give Them An Edge Over Their Competitors

While using bodybuilding drugs is a huge factor in the success of a pro bodybuilder, it's not the only factor. Solid nutrition is a given. Hard training is a given. Steroid use is a given. So do bodybuilding supplements even make a difference? Yes, they do!

A competitive bodybuilder needs every edge he can get to beat out his competition, and consistently using the best supplements is a strategy that he cannot afford to ignore. If you are planning on competing, then you will need to find supplements that work well for your body too. At the earliest levels of competition, training and diet are what matter most, so don't think that you can be lazy in the gym or the kitchen and just make up for it by drinking some protein shakes from the health food store.

Even a natural competitor with great genetics can go far in local competitions if his diet and training are consistent, and adding the right supplements can boost his results even further.

Beginning And Recreational Bodybuilders Don't Always Benefit From Bodybuilding Supplements

Self-discipline and consistency are the keys to developing a massive and ripped physique. Bodybuilding supplements can offer some novice bodybuilders a slight advantage, but if skipping workouts and eating fast food are weekly occurances for you, then don't waste your money on them. Instead, you need to focus on training more consistently and eating clean. You can still make great progress in bodybuilding without supplements.

Bodybuilding supplements will only make a noticeable improvement in your physique when all the other factors are in place.

Train hard. Eat clean. Do your cardio. Take your that order.

PS - This article is not an endorsement of illegal substances. It's just a reality check.


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