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Are The Denver Broncos Orange Crush Jerseys Cursed?

Updated on January 24, 2016

The Orange Crush Jerseys

Are Denver’s orange crush jersey’s cursed? I’m not a Broncos fan (i’m not against them either) but ever since they’ve went back to those orange jerseys, I can’t stand them. They switched to the navy blue jerseys with the orange stripe back in 1997 with a different logo that looks much better and cooler than the original. While wearing their orange jerseys in the Super Bowl, they’ve been outscored 167-38.

In the beginning of those new jerseys, they won back to back super bowls. In 1997, they wore the Navy Blue jerseys against the Packers, and won 31-24. In the history of the franchise, Denver has been in 7 super bowls total. This last Sunday, their record dropped to 2-5 when they wore their new orange jerseys which they now have been wearing on regular basis since the 2012 season. Let’s take a look back at Denver’s Super Bowl history. Before 1997, it wasn’t pretty.

The Broncos first Super Bowl appearance was in Super Bowl XII against the Dallas Cowboys. Denver was going against The Cowboys defense which was known at the time as “The Doomsday” Defense. Denver wore their orange jerseys in that game, while Dallas wore their white jerseys. It’s believed that the blue Cowboy jerseys are bad luck. In that game, The Broncos fell to the Cowboys 27-10.

The Broncos next Super Bowl appearance was in Super Bowl XXI against the New York Giants. This time, the great John Elway was in at Quarterback and they were wearing their white jerseys. The Broncos were in control of the first half of that game. Then in the second half, The Giants completely dominated them by outscoring them 30-10. Phil Simms, Quarterback of The Giants during that time, completed 88% percent of the passes he threw along with 3 touchdown passes for 268 yards. The final score was 39-20.

Luckily for Denver, their next Super Bowl appearance happened a year later in Super Bowl XXII against the Washington Redskins. They were given a second chance to fix what happened the previous year. Unfortunately, it only gets worse for Denver. Again, they wore orange. In the first Quarter, they led 10-0 over the Washington Redskins. It looked like Denver was finally going to get their 1st Super Bowl win. After the 1st quarter though, Super Bowl XXII would become a disaster. The Broncos would be outscored 42-0 in the last 3 quarters. Quarterback Doug Williams of the Redskins during that time had probably the best Super Bowl performance in history. He led the Redskins to 35 2nd quarter points. The final score was 42-10.

Denver’s next Super Bowl appearance was 2 years later in Super Bowl 24 against the San Francisco 49ers. Again, the Broncos wore their orange jerseys. History couldn’t possibly repeat itself right? It couldn’t get any worse. Well in this game it did. Joe Montana and the 49ers dominated Denver 55-10. While Wearing their orange jerseys, they only scored 10 points in those Super Bowls. They were outscored 124-30.

In 1997, the Broncos made it to Super Bowl XXXII. This time, they had brand new jerseys to show. A Navy Blue look with orange stripes going up the jerseys. People thought history was bound to repeat itself. Not on this day. Denver finally won it’s 1st Super Bowl out of it’s 5 attempts, beating the Green Bay Packers 31-24. The next year, they wore their new white jerseys and beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl XXXIII, 34-19. This gave them their 2nd Super Bowl title.

In Super Bowl XLVIII, Denver decided to wear their new orange jerseys against the Seattle Seahawks. With Peyton Manning at the helm and the number one offense in the NFL, they were bound to have their way with them. Unfortunately, the Seahawks number one defense was too much for them. The Broncos lost 43-8. While wearing the orange jerseys in the Super Bowl, the Broncos have been outscored 167-38. Perhaps it’s time they go back to the Navy Blue jerseys. I guess it’s appropriate to say that the proof is in the pudding.


Do you think the Broncos Orange Crush Jerseys are Cursed?

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