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Are Vuvuzelas and Soccer A Good Combination? Think Of The World Cup!

Updated on October 5, 2014

Perhaps that was a rather dramatic way to frame the question I’m asking. With all the kerfuffle and excitement around the World Cup in soccer, and around the mini-phenomenon that the use of vuvuzelas has become, I’m just wondering about a question that I haven’t seen posed anywhere else before. Now that the vuvuzela has so comprehensively colonized the media sensation that is the football World Cup – will we ever experience a major sporting event that isn’t ‘celebrated’ with it again?

Soccer Shoes!

Public domain image.
Public domain image. | Source

Vuvuzelas: A Noisy Craze!

Of course, fads come and go, but many fads are local or national by nature, and are superseded by novel, more gaudy and entertaining fads. Is that going to happen with the vuvuzela? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe it’ll depend on sporting authorities' willingness to rule on the topic and set limits and regulations. Or maybe on how much money business, including sports bodies, can make from this crazy (and noisy!) new craze.

Are You Buying A Vuvuzela?

Are you resisting the new phenomenon? Are you determinedly abstaining from buying a vuvuzela, either for yourself, your kids or your soccer-mad partner. (Oh Lord. Would he start blowing it at the TV screen while the soccer is on? He would, wouldn’t he? I don’t blame you…) So at least you won’t be contributing to the problem by taking one along to every sporting event you attend from now until judgment day. I don’t know how much good that’s going to do, though – there’s no guarantee, after all, that everyone (or indeed anyone) else is going to abstain. Oh my – just imagine an orchestra of vuvuzelas punctuating the action at Wimbledon, or at Lords… Really, it doesn’t bear thinking of. It’s not cricket, that’s for sure!

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Vuvuzela Radio : Listen to the sound of the vuvuzela, the famous South African blowing horn!

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I guess half of the trouble is the free availability of the vuvuzela in the first place. Maybe somebody should ban the dratted things. As it stands, they’re freely available all over the likes of and elsewhere. Apparently China is busily manufacturing thousands of the pesky little instruments! Just think of that, isn’t it a beautiful thought…

Or maybe what we actually need is a more advanced version of the vuvuzela – one that actually counts as a musical instrument – accompanied by tests of musical ability playing it and a licence to own one. Now that could make sporting events actually a more musical and pleasanter experience. Imagine a crowd full of vuvu players all tooting away at ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ before a major match. Guys, maybe this worldwide vuvuzela phenomenon will work out okay!


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