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Walking Dead Scenerio, World War 3, or Mother Nature; Are You Ready?

Updated on October 12, 2014

Preparing for any disaster can be tough, but having the right supplies will help you survive. Everyone needs a few bags packed and ready for an emergency at any point in time whether from a natural disaster or a monumental man-made disaster. There may never be a time when you need to use your emergency bags or emergency closet/bunker, but maybe you will. It is always better to be prepared than not. Just imagine if you weren’t prepared and had to take time to gather everything you need to get to a meeting point. This is time that you could have used to better support your family or friends instead of trying to figure out what you need going forward. However, if you are prepared, you grab your bags and you are out the door in no time. If you don’t have to leave your home, retreat to your secluded area and wait with all supplies already collected.

My wife and I think of all the zombie movies, prepare to be attacked by the worst possible situation, zombies, meteors, world war 3. Even if zombies are not the culprit, think of a disaster that would keep you isolated in your home for a long period of time until other forces can retrieve you and your family. You may even have to restart a new colony including, crops, homes, businesses, etc. Using the zombie movies are a great way to keep your mind trained for the worst possible scenario. One of the better movies is Zombieland. This goes into detail on all of the key elements that will aid in your survival more or less for a zombie apocalypse, but it’s humorous too. Anyway, I digress.

Think back when your parents or grandparents lived with bomb shelters. This is still true to this day; they should be available due to the unknowing times that we are experiencing. I am not saying to build a bomb shelter, but using the tools and equipment you have lying around the house will assist your needs if the occasion approaches. My wife and I use our basement as our sanctuary. If you live in a home or an apartment with no basement another plausible idea is to use a room without windows or a minimum amount of windows that has a closet for your shelter. The closet is essential since you will be storing all of your food and supplies in it.

What you will need to start up your Zombie Bunker and/or Emergency Room:

Duffle Bags or Book Bags – We use one for us and one for our pets.

Copies of all Ids/Paperwork – This includes Driver’s License, passport, and any vet shot paperwork for your pets. Most shelters will not allow pets unless you can provide adequate paperwork to back up they are up to date on shots, especially the rabies shot.

Two Sets of Clothing for Each Individual – For summer and winter; summer = shorts, socks, bandanna and t-shirt, winter = wool socks, jacket, long sleeve shirt, pants, gloves and hat.

First Aid Supplies or Kit – Basic first aid items needed. Include Alcohol and Peroxide.

Sanitation Supplies – Toilet paper, sanitizer, and soaps.

FoodCanned and dried food of all kinds. Do not limit yourself to only food you eat currently. Most canned foods have an expiration date over a year away. Stay away from foods that will make you parched. Examples: Vegetables – corn, green beans, carrots, kidney beans; Chicken or Potted Meats; Soups; Peanut Butter; Dried milk

Water – Plenty of water is definitely needed. One gallon per person per day.

Pet Food – A good month supply should suffice, including dry and/or wet food.

Emergency Seeds – This is necessary if you have to start growing your own food. A very good thing to do is freeze your seeds since this will keep them fresh when it is time to use them. Purchase online for guaranteed results.

Tool Bag – Essential tools include, hammer, screwdriver, nails, pliers, and a Leatherman.

Camping Equipment – Items should include, fire starters (flint/matches), cooking pots/pans/utensils, flashlights (emergency lights used without batteries), blankets/sleeping bag, heavy duty carabiner, waterproof container, a small saw, compass, can opener and rope or paracord.


A couple things to keep in mind when making your "bunker," be sure that you do not let your food expire. This would be a waste of money. Use the food ready to expire sooner and replace it with a longer expiration. This goes the same for pet foods. Dry pet food not kept in its original packaging should be cycled every 30 days.

If you do not have the room for a large amount of food or any food, at the very least put together emergency bags for you, family, and pets with all the necessary items and store in the trunk of your car. You can't be too sure you won't be driving.

As you can see from the list above, there are a lot of items you must keep in mind when preparing your survival bunker. Please keep in mind that there maybe be items not listed that might meet your families’ needs; such as, medications, baby food/supplies, contacts/eyeglasses, etc. Begin by making a list, checking it again and again, and then collect your items around the house first. Gather your items and arrange your closet or survival location in a neat and orderly fashion. Keep organized, know what you have on hand, and stock up. If you use something, replace it.

My wife and I call our bunker and supplies, the “Zombie Bunker.” What do you call yours? From paper products to canned foods! we have it. Anything to last you through weeks at a time will only benefit your chances of survival. In time we will have a larger area with more shelving, but for now we are able to bunker whenever it is called upon.


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