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Argentine And Barcelona Star Lionel Messi.

Updated on January 12, 2016
Messi In Barcelona Kit.
Messi In Barcelona Kit. | Source
Messi In Argentina Kit.
Messi In Argentina Kit. | Source
Ronaldo Came Second.
Ronaldo Came Second. | Source
Fellow Barcelona Player Neymar Came Third.
Fellow Barcelona Player Neymar Came Third. | Source
Northern Irish Actor James Nesbitt Presented Award To Lionel Messi.
Northern Irish Actor James Nesbitt Presented Award To Lionel Messi. | Source

The Man Messi.

Lionel Messi world class striker for Argentina and Barcelona has scooped the award for 'Player Of The Year' for the fifth time.

Beating rivals Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid into second place and Brazilian captain Neymar also plying his trade for Barcelona into third place.

It seems Ronaldo had hoped to be the player to win the coveted trophy but was pipped to the post by his Argentine and Real Madrid rival.

With Lionel Messi being just 28 he still has time win the World Cup with Argentina something he missed out on last time the tournament was held.

Messi has won the 'Best Player Of the Year' award in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 and this year makes it his fifth. Obviously Lionel Messi was jubilant about his win and stated "Its incredible this my fifth. Its much more than anything I've dreamed of as a kid".

Northern Irish actor James Nesbit presented the trophy to the Argentine and then they posed for photos clutching said trophy in hand.

Messi has scored 52 goals for Barca (as Barcelona are known for short) and his home nation of Argentina during the calendar year.

Whether Messi will ever reach the heights of fellow Argentine Maradona for his country as Maradona did cannot be said however right now Messi is admired and loathed in equal proportion and seems to be enjoying his time in the limelight.


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