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Arkansas chose Good Morals over Good Coach

Updated on April 18, 2012

Recently, Bobby Petrino was fired from his position as head football coach at the University of Arkansas. News of a secret relationship he was having with a 25-year-old female on his staff broke after he got into a motorcycle accident with her on his bike. Petrino, a married man and father of four, was let go by the university for violating the morals clause in his contract. Yes, you read that right, a morals clause. Something that seems to be non-existent in sports anymore: morals.

It makes me happy to see that Arkansas stepped up and fired Petrino. They had a reason and went through with it. It has nothing at all to do with his coaching because he is a good coach that has helped their football program. It entirely had to do with the choices he was making with his personal life, outside of the program. Too often, we see events going on in athletes' lives that detract from their playing careers. While the choices they make might not be illegal, they are often immoral. Since these athletes are role-models for many children, it is sad to see these immoral choices being idolized.

Besides Petrino, there are numerous other coaches and athletes we can look at and see immorality and bad examples being set. In recent times, there was the Tiger Woods scandal. Woods' news breaking started with a car accident, which ended up spilling countless amounts to the media. It went from an affair with just one woman to an entire list of women who had supposedly been with him in recent years. It's not just like he was sleeping around either (not that I'm condoning that). He was a married man with two small children. His adultery ruined his family.

Or what about Kobe Bryant several years ago. He is one of the most famous NBA players of current times. News broke that he had allegedly raped a woman at a Colorado hotel. While the rape charges ended up being dropped, he still confessed to cheating on his wife with the woman. While his wife didn't leave him, it still had a tremendous impact on their marriage and family.

We have athletes, like Shawn Kemp, who fathered nine children by eight women (somewhere around that amount). He is not the only one with such disgusting behavior; many athletes have done equally appalling things.

It’s not just the sleeping around and promiscuity we see with athletes. There are the numerous ones who think they need to use drugs. There are the ones you see always talking about going to strip clubs and blowing through cash. And of course, you see athletes drinking and driving often as well. Granted, they are regular people just like you and me. They make mistakes just like everyone else, but they are out in the limelight.

I know there is no such thing is immorality police. I realize that it's not illegal for these athletes to sleep around or live promiscuous lives. However, they are role-models for kids out there, even if they don't want to be. Children across America are seeing the examples being set by these athletes, and they think it is okay for them to behave in such a manner. Too often we see these athletes and their immorality just get swept under the rug and forgotten about. Kudos to Arkansas for not putting up with it. They showed that their university doesn’t support this sort of behavior and would not tolerate it taking place. Maybe others will start to follow in their footsteps and start to make a change.


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    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joelipoo 5 years ago from Ohio

      @teaches - I wish we would see more of this good over bad played out in society. Unfortunately this is why society is how it is today.

    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joelipoo 5 years ago from Ohio

      @corner - As an Ohio State fan, I know about putting things behind and moving forwards.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Yes, Arkansas deserves our applause on this decision. It is not only the extramarital issues, as you stated, but the drugs that should be disciplined. They are setting examples for children, whether they agree or not, and it is also a domino effect on others. Great hub topic!

    • cornerkick99 profile image

      cornerkick99 5 years ago from Magnolia, AR

      Nice hub, Joel. From someone living in Arkansas, there is animosity on both sides, but most favor on the side of the University and how they handled it. It's not always about wins and losses on the football field.

      I, too, wrote a hub about this story in the wee hours of the morning, but I wrote on the angle of trying to put this behind us and getting another talented coach to replace Petrino. I think the time to act is now. Hope you find time to read my hub.

      Looking forward to reading more of your hubs.