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Arm Warmers for Cycling and Running

Updated on November 5, 2010

Cyclists and runners like yourself are faced with many problem on the road. Not only do we have to worry about traffic and the dangers that come with being on the road, but we also have to deal with the elements. While cycling or running, it is important to stay comfortable but also not have to carry such a heavy load. This helps us conserve energy for what we want to do, cycle and run.

There are many different cycling clothing for all types of weather. After years of cycling, I've developed a system where I can stay warm and comfortable during my commute. Different cyclists and runners have different systems. Whatever the case, my system is never complete without a pair of arm warmers.

Arm warmers have had a place in my daypack for some time now. They are light and small which makes them easy to carry. I own a pair of Novara arm warmers but Pearl Izumi makes some nice ones also.

Arm warmers are almost always made of synthetic materials. Natural materials such as cotton and wool do not handle moisture well. This is important especially for athletes. You do not want an soaking wet arm warmer weighing you down when you are cycling 10 miles. You want your sweat to wick away from your body so it has to be synthetic and breathable.

When cycling and running, it becomes a task to stay comfortable. Usually while riding, I have a base layer. Depending on the weather, it could be an Under Armour compression shirt or a simple muscle shirt. They nice thing about arm warmers is if you get too hot, you can easily take them off and stuff it in your pockets. I've gotten really hot climbing steep hills and have had to pull them off on numerous occasions.

Novara Arm Warmers
Novara Arm Warmers

Picking the right arm warmer is important. Arm warmers act like an extra layer of skin rather than a piece of clothing. It should fit tightly over your arms. It's compression wear. Instead of simply holding heat in like a regular shirt, it helps control temperature. When it gets cold or windy, it acts like a layer if skin to keep warms in. When you are working hard, it helps pull moisture and sweat away from you cooling you off.

Arm warmers are perfect for early morning runs or late evening bike rides. If you know you are going to sweat and get hot yet want the warmth later when you rest, grab a pair. they are not bulky and can easily be rolled up and placed into your pockets. This is perfect for runners. For me, I like to travel light. Carrying heavy jackets wear me out and makes me uncomfortable. A pair of arm warmers and a windbreaker meets my commuting needs 80 percent of the time in spring and fall. They have also been nice on chilly summer nights where it is too hot to wear during the day but chilly enough to put on after I get out of work.


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    • chirls profile image

      chirls 7 years ago from Indiana (for now)

      Arm warmers sound like a really good idea. If only I had known about them last year when I used to cycle to work!

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Great advice for cyclists and runners. Thanks!