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Arsenal Football Club Should Sell Giroud: Here's Why!

Updated on June 19, 2017

The Career Of Giroud In A Shapshot

Grenoble 2005-7

Giroud began with a modest 2 goals in 25 games for the Ligue 2 side. His elevation followed 5 years with the youth academy, eventually signing his professional contract at age 21.

Istres 2007-8

14 goals in 34 games showed the emerging Giroud to be striker who could deliver. He was just short of the 1 in 2 formula that marks a good striker.

Tours 2008-10

36 goals in 67 games for the Ligue 2 outfit was a top notch return and was subsequently signed by Montpellier for 2 Million, although he was loaned back to Tours for the remainder of the season.

Montpellier 2010-12

His 39 goals in 85 games showed that he could adjust well to the change from Ligue 2 to Ligue 1. This also resulted in his being called up for national competition, making his first of the 64 appearances for France.

Arsenal 2012-17

Giroud moved to Arsenal in 2012 for the sum of 12.4 million Euros, quite a good profit for Montpellier. The striker always had a hot/cold appreciation with the fans, perhaps due to scoring 98 in 226 appearances, under the 1 in 2 formula often used to judge strikers. During the 2016-17 season, Giroud often appeared from the subs bench, playing second string to Alexis and Welbeck. The lack of game time led to speculation that Giroud would soon be on the move, as we discuss below.

Editorial – Why Arsenal Should Sell Giroud

Giroud, being over 30 has undoubtedly peaked and whilst his career is not over, certainly the band is warming up. So, who would buy a player in the evening of his career? Many would. Even though Giroud’s season tally of 16 for 2016-17 was the lowest of his Arsenal career, he did have only limited opportunities.

Now for the crucial bit. A somewhat unspectacular career for France has blossomed in the last year or so, scoring 8 goals in 14 matches for France in 2016, and, 6 goals in only 5 matches in 2017(at the time of writing).

Clearly Giroud’s international performances show that the striker still has much to offer, and, clearly is a factor in the reported figure of 20 million.

So, why sell?

  • Now over 30, Giroud is subject to the same criteria that motivated the sale of Van Persie to United.
  • Whilst he is banging them in with ease on the international stage, his club tallies are good but not spectacular.
  • A purported fee commanding 20 million would be a tidy profit for Arsene Wenger who is always prudent in the transfer market.
  • Arsene Wenger has promised a serious title challenge and will require a striker who can approach the goal a game excellence of a Lacazette, Ronaldo or Messi(if Arsenal can afford and negotiate such a deal)

Olivier Giroud has been a loyal and consistent servant of Arsenal F.C., however, it is time for him to move on and enjoy the final years of his distinguished playing career.


Arsenal Striker Giroud may be headed for the door
Arsenal Striker Giroud may be headed for the door | Source


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