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Athlete Wives and Possible Spouse Infidelity

Updated on May 26, 2010

With the recent story of Tiger Woods and his admittance to adultery and infidelity in his marriage all over the news, wives of every professional athlete have to consider the possibility that it could happen to them.

Because of a long season with many trips on the road and away from home, athlete’s wives have to be realistic that their husbands could stray and how they handle their fear and stress can be different from each other and will depend on their reason for marriage.  

A chance for a player to commit adultery is spread throughout professional sports today, as athletes deal with boredom, peer pressure from teammates, opportunity, and the fact that women are constantly available to them when they are on the road who seem to be irresistibly drawn to professional athletes

While media and internet accounts of the sexual exploits of athletes are not new, very little has been written about how their wives deal with the possibility of their husband’s adultery.

Wives who married their husbands after he became a professional athlete got married more for the lime light and the money than then they did for love or the relationship. These women seem to be more accepting of their husband’s infidelity for fear of losing financial security and the wealthy lifestyle that they have become accustomed to.

Women who married their husbands prior to them becoming a professional athlete do not accept long-term extramarital affairs, although some of them are compelled to deal with their spouses' one-night stands while they are on the road.  

Most of these women have a feeling it might be happening, but they do not want to know about it. If they do hear that their husband has had an affair, they have two choices. She can deal with it and accept it, or end the marriage.

Most of these women will give their husband the benefit of the doubt, although they may use the affair to set a few ground rules moving forward, and must confront the 'possibility' of an affair because the possibility is always there, even though the infidelity may not be.


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