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Is An Australian Saddle Right For Your Horse?

Updated on January 19, 2010

Australian saddles are a pretty popular option in the horse world, and it is no wonder why.

Australia is 2,941,299 square miles, and a large portion of that is wilderness and desert. in an environment like that, it is obviously very important that you have equipment that will last, and not break down. Australia was settled by English criminals who had been exiled, and in the beginning, Australia was a very rough place to live. Likewise, the demands on the equipment that was used by the Australians was very tough. In the outback, you can't count on anything except for your own equipment and ingenuity.

That's why Australian saddles are so popular. Even if you don't have to live out in the wild, and don't have to fend off snakes and the scorching Australian heat, you will still have to have a saddle that doesn't break down on you. A saddle that can handles extremes. A saddles that will live up to your expectations and more. That saddle is an Australian saddle.

The Australian saddle exists to get the job done, not to stick with any sort of tradition or anything like that. The Australian saddle is not a riding saddle, or anything of the sort. It exists to get the job done out in the wilderness, out in the bush, out where a fall could cost you your life, and where alertness is the only thing keeping you from breaking your neck when you are hundreds of miles from civilization. If the Australian saddle can hold up in those conditions, then it can hold up anywhere else.

I am not sure what else to say to convince you of the necessity of buying Australian saddles. let me ask you this. Is saving a few dollars on a saddle worth risking your life and safety by buying an inferior product? Is clinging to old traditions worth finding yourself hurt in the wilderness, with not a single way to get back to civilization?

I sure don't think so, and I would say that you would probably agree. So do yourself, and your horse, a favor and buy an Australian saddle. You will be glad that you did, and if your horse could talk, he would agree!


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    • Daniel Townsend profile image

      Daniel Townsend 7 years ago

      Thanks. I will admit that I didn't know much about Australian saddles before I started researching this hub, but I was fascinated by all of the new information that I learned.

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 7 years ago from Central Texas

      Good Hub - I've ridden Australian saddles although have never owned one and I liked it. Best, Sis