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Updated on April 26, 2015

No calls, bad calls kill the game

For the Ball fans such Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer or Boxing, the referees are the judges responsible for ensuring fair play according to the rules. They are called judges or arbiters because they have to preside over the game from a neutral point of view. The followers of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) are wondering if the referees in various sports are currently the right persons to whom the Ball games are referred for settlement, decision as to the thing’s quality. For many, they are unfair in place to be umpire.

No calls, bad calls are knocking down the players and making questionable the referees’ integrity. Players and coaches are fined by contesting referees ’decisions, but never them. No question that the refs should be treated with respect. Talk to them in a non-aggressive tone, ask questions in no calls in an assertive manner, but don’t yell at them. That’s the fair play, the fair and honest behavior in all sports. However, on the other hand, the referees have a hard responsibility consisting of applying the rules of the game in the right way.

What is expected from the refs is to be professional by acting really as the ultimate judges, arbitrators, the ones whose job is to make sure that players in both sides obey the rules. But it seems today that the interpretation of those rules is frustrating players, fans and coaches. Something needs to be checked by the NCAA and the NBA leaders. Welcome to umpire, not to unfair referees.


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