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(Video) Jan. 29 Cebu Rematch Results: BAUTISTA KOs BARRERA in 2 min., 56 sec. in Rd. 3

Updated on August 31, 2011

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Barrera frustrated


The legendary Marco Antonio Barrera's cousin ALEJANDRO ZORRITO BARRERA who planed from Mexico with his team just to avenge his Aug.28 TKO controversial defeat versus REY BOOM-BOOM BAUTISTA , flew back home contented with the referee's decision. The illustrious Mexican fighter did show his revenge when he exchanged with the Filipino hard and solid blows. He knew he said Boom-Boom weakest part of his body and he trained hard even sparred with Daniel Ponce de Leon just to accomplish his mission, but lady luck didn't smile on him.

Aiming to land a solid punch to break Boom-Boom's chin in round 2, which he said was weak or "glass". Barrera was beaten at the start, because Boom-Boom had unleashed a solid left that would land at his right rib cage. Barrera hit the canvas and hammered a glove on it to show his frustration. The Pinoy pride vanquished by only 2: Daniel Ponce de Leon and Eriberto Ruiz, saw the opportunity. Raging with left and right combos. Boom-Boom dealt him the kill.

The referee Bruce McTavish entered the picture, stopped the fight to save the fallen warrior from harm's way.

Amidst the jubilant boxing aficionados local and foreigners alike who witnessed the Jan. 29 boxing card at Cebu Waterfront Hotel, REY BOOM-BOOM BAUTISTA was adjudged winner by knockout, stopping ALEJANDRO ZORRITO BARRERA in 2 minutes & 56 seconds of the 3rd round.

For details, click Bombo Radyo Philippines

Bautista KOs Barrera in Rd. 3

The results of the Aug 28 boxing bouts in Cebu City

Click thumbnail to view full-size
BAUTISTA outpoints BARRERA in Rd 4CONDES decisioned EFFINDIJACA knockout CUEVAS in the 1st round.MELINDO knockout JIN MAN JEON in the 2nd round
BAUTISTA outpoints BARRERA in Rd 4
BAUTISTA outpoints BARRERA in Rd 4
JACA knockout CUEVAS in the 1st round.
JACA knockout CUEVAS in the 1st round.
MELINDO knockout JIN MAN JEON in the 2nd round
MELINDO knockout JIN MAN JEON in the 2nd round

This is the result of the boxing bouts described hereunder


  • Featherweight contender Filipino REY "Boom Boom" BAUTISTA was declared winner by TKO over his opponent Mexican ALEJANDRO "Zorrito" Barrera. Referree Tony Pesons on order of ring physician Dr. Unabia stopped the bout after Barrera suffered a nasty cut on his right eyebrow. Bautista improved his record to 29-2-0 with 22 knockouts. Barrera demanded for a rematch which was agreed upon by Ala Promotion Officer Tony Aldeguer.
  • Former minimumweight champion Filipino FLORANTE CONDES outpunched and decisioned Indonesian SOFYAN EFFINDI with all 3 judges voting 80-71. Condes upped his boxing record to 24 wins-5 losses-1 draw -20 knockouts;
  • Lightweight / juniorwelterweight contender Filipino JIMREX JACA nailed his Mexican opponent PEPINO CUEVAS JR.with a straight left for a full count at 2:22 of the opening round. Jaca improved his record to 31 wins, 6 losses, 3 defeats, 16 kos.
  • Hot flyweight prospect MILAN "Milenyo" MELINDO increased his record to 22-0-7 KOs by knocking out Korean and OPBF rated JIN MAN JEON at 1:43 seconds of the 2nd round
  • The welterweight fight between Japanese NAOZUMI TSUCHIYAMA versus Filipino MARION ALTA ended with the latter outpointing the Japanese with TKO in round 2.
  • JOJO “Flash” INTOR boxed with JAIME ALIN, JR.for full 4 rounds, with Intor winning by SD.
  • WILBETH LOBERANIS defeated ROMULO RAMAYAN by UD after 4 rounds.
  • KOTSKY EBALANG defeated PEDRO BALABA by MD after round 4.

On the night of Aug. 28 in Cebu City, they'll trade heavy blows to determine which of them is better

BARRERA (R) who was half a pound over 126, clad himself with nothing but their flag to make the weight when the flag fell down, just seconds before this face-off with BAUTISTA (L)
BARRERA (R) who was half a pound over 126, clad himself with nothing but their flag to make the weight when the flag fell down, just seconds before this face-off with BAUTISTA (L)

BOXING: See the booming Baptiser in BAUTISTA traps the quick and wily fox in BARRERA 10 Rounds Non-Titled Match (Featherwight limit- 126 lbs)

THESE 2 great boxers in their own right will headline the blockbuster boxing card dubbed The Philippines versus the World on August 28 just 2 days from now at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Cebu City. Promoted by ALA Production and broadcast network ABS-CBN, this 2 agencies have pooled their resources once again to afford boxing aficionados the world over top quality boxers in this kind of sports.

Both REY “Boom Boom” BAUTISTA, 24, the pride of Bohol, Philippines and ALEJANDRO “Zorrito” BARRERA, 30, the hope of Mexico, tally impressive records, 28-2-1-(21 KOs) and 20-3- (13 KOs). respectively.

The Booming Baptiser in BAUTISTA

Witness BAUTISTA unleash his power

BAUTISTA is a come- backing world-title contender, having lost his bid against Daniel Ponce de Leon for the world’s super bantamweight title fight and an 8th round unanimous decision loss to Heriberto Ruiz. He was mothballed for 9 months after undergoing a left hand surgery for replacement of a decayed bone. Rehabilitated, he returned to the ring on Oct. 16, 2009 to defuse Indonesian Marangin “Dinamita” Marbun with a smashing 7th round TKO victory to claim the WBC International interim title and by April 23, this year, he scored a 6th round knockout of Thailand’s Saichon Sotornpitak in Dubai. Bautista is reported to be in top shape and sharp after tuning it up with OPBF title challenger Fernando Otic of Cebu in a 3-round exhibition bout last July 27 at the Carlos P. Garcia Sports Complex.

Bautista has undergo training with his strength and conditioning specialist Pio Gerardo Solon. He is quoted to have said: “ … I can feel my strength and balance improve and I feel other muscles have been developed”

The quick and wily fox in BARRERA

Watch the tough and fearless BARRERA outwits the Baptiser

LAST April 23 Barrera was lucky to have scored a split decision over Sergio Rivera in a 10-round bout. He scored an impressive TKO 3rd round win versus Sergio Ramirez, but before winning against Rivera, he was knocked out by Carlos Urais in a bout for the vacant WBC FECARBOX title.

Former WBC Continental Americas Featherweight Champion and NABA Super-Bantamweight title holder Alejandro Barrera said that he will demonstrate in the ring how “tough and fearless” Mexican fighters are. Told by ALA Promotions Public Relations man Chad Cañares that Bautsta had promised to knock him out, Alejandro Barrera , who is the cousin of the former three-time world champion Marco Antonio Barrera said, “He can say what he wants but let him demonstrate that in the ring”.

Equally tough and seasoned supporting bouts

Click thumbnail to view full-size
22-yrs-old (Feb.29, 1988) of Puerto, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Or. MILAN "Milenyo" MELINDO (right)27-yr.-old (June 16, 1983) of Cebu City, Philippines, JIMREX JACAFLORANTE CONDES (right) with residence at Binangonan, Rizal, born in Looc, Romblon. He was born May 20, 1980 now 30 yrs. of age.
22-yrs-old (Feb.29, 1988) of Puerto, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Or. MILAN "Milenyo" MELINDO (right)
22-yrs-old (Feb.29, 1988) of Puerto, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Or. MILAN "Milenyo" MELINDO (right)
27-yr.-old (June 16, 1983) of Cebu City, Philippines, JIMREX JACA
27-yr.-old (June 16, 1983) of Cebu City, Philippines, JIMREX JACA
FLORANTE CONDES (right) with residence at Binangonan, Rizal, born in Looc, Romblon. He was born May 20, 1980 now 30 yrs. of age.
FLORANTE CONDES (right) with residence at Binangonan, Rizal, born in Looc, Romblon. He was born May 20, 1980 now 30 yrs. of age.


  • The undefeated and world ranked MELINDO (21W-0L, 6 KO's) will face Korean flyweight champ JIN-MAN JEON (13W-3L-1D, 3 KO's) who is ranked number 4 by the OPBF. (This bout is to be contested at 110 lbs.)
  • JIMREX JACA (30W-6L-3D, 15 KO's) will fight PIPINO CUEVAS, JR. (14W-5L, 12 KO's) of Mexico. Cuevas is a former WBC Latino super featherweight titlist. He is the son of the legendary WBA welterweight champion Pipino Cuevas, who reigned from 1976-1980. (This bout will be fought at 136 lbs.)
  • A very interesting addition to this fight card is former IBF minimumweight champion FLORANTE CONDES (23W-5L-1D, 20 KO's) who will face SOFYAN EFFENDI (10W-8L-2D, 8 KO's) of Indonesia.
  • Japanese NAOZUMI TSUCHIYAMA , who fights with a prosthetic leg, will fight Filipino MARION ALTA of GENSAN ;
  • the colourful JOJO “Flash” INTOR of Mabinay, Negros Or.versus JAIME ALIN, JR. .of Valencia, Bukidnon;
  • WILBETH LOBERANIS of Mandaue City vs ROMULO RAMAYAN of Valencia, Bukidnon;
  • and PEDRO BALABA of Tagbilaran City vs KOTSKY EBALANG of Cagayan de Oro City.



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    • nick071438 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      Rey Bombom Bautista is one of my favorite boxers. I've never missed his professional fights. Indeed, I agree with you denden that his hands and punching power need polishing; they're a bit slow. He should learn how to parry especially hard and powerful blows coming from his opponents.

    • denden mangubat profile image

      denden mangubat 

      8 years ago from liloan, cebu, philippines

      i watched it.boom2x must develop his cardio and the ability how to counter quick punches because he lack it.


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