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Updated on July 31, 2012

The Big East is pretty much the weakest of the bcs conference's. Last year they finished with a 29-16 record in there non conference games as a conference including bowl games as well. The Big East has been raided the last couple of years hurting chances of being a top bcs conferenece with Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College all in the ACC now. This season they will lose West Virginia to the Big 12 who won the conference last year. Next season they will lose Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the ACC. But they will add Boise State, Central Florida, Houston and SMU in 2013. In 2007 though the Big East was in position to get into the national title game but West Virgina was upset by Pittsburgh 13-9, the Mountaineers were #2 in the country at the time. In 2006 South Florida upset Auburn in overtime as the Bulls were ranked in the top five before faltering at the end of the season to finish with a 9-4 record. Cincinnati had a good year in 2009 going 12-0 in the regular season before getting destroyed by Florida in the Sugar Bowl 51-24. This year the Big East welcomes back Temple who had been a member of the MAC since 2007. This will give the Big East its usual number of eight teams in the conference. Big East plays the most non conference games (5) of all the conferences since they only play seven conference games. I have chosen 16 non conference games for the Big East that can have a impact to there season as a conference for 2012 season.

1. 9/8/12 - Syracuse vs USC (East Rutherford)

2. 9/29/12 - Cincinnati vs Virginia Tech (Landover)

3. 9/29/12 - Florida State at South Florida

4. 9/22/12 - Rutgers at Arkansas

5. 9/15/12 - Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh

6. 11/3/12 - Pittsburgh at Notre Dame

7. 11/17/12 - Syracuse at Missouri

8. 11/17/12 - South Florida at Miami(Fl)

9. 9/15/12 - North Carolina at Louisville

10. 9/2/12 - Kentucky at Louisville

11. 9/29/12 - Louisville at Southern Miss

12. 9/1/12 - Northwestern at Syracuse

13. 9/8/12 - NC State at Connecticut

14. 9/15/12 - Connecticut at Maryland

15. 9/22/12 - Temple at Penn State

16. 9/8/12 - Maryland at Temple


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