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BREAKING: Zidane is the new manager of Real Madrid!

Updated on August 31, 2016

Rafa Benitez, the former Real Madrid's coach, has been sacked from Real Madrid after 7 months. Benitez's defensive style and his lack of ability to manage Real Madrid and get the best out of it lost the support of the fans and journalists.

Ever since Rafa Benitez was brought as Real Madrid's manager to replace the italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, I thought he wouldn't do any good to Real Madrid. This news tells me I was right. Rafa Benitez is only known for his Champions League Title with Liverpool. And that title was mostly accomplished by a mistake of AC Milan in the final, who thought they won the title after the first half ended 3-0.

Overall, Benitez had a pretty bad season. Or should I say half-a-season. In only 18 games Real Madrid drew 4 times and lost 3 times. Two biggest disappointments of Benitez's management were the 4-0 loss against their biggest rival, Barcelona, in Santiago Bernabeu and beind disqualified from Copa Del Rey after the carelessness of Benitez and his staff. That was the start of the fans' hatred for Benitez. Real Madrid performed very poorly in a time where they should have shined.

The draw against Valencia yesterday concluded all the thoughts that the president of Real Madrid Fiorentino Perez had against Benitez. So he made the move and signed Zidane, whose first club to manage is Real Madrid Castilla. But was this the right move to do from Fiorentino Perez?

Zidane and Ancelotti
Zidane and Ancelotti

Zinedine Zidane spent five years at the Bernabeu as a player before returning to the coaching staff as an assistant in 2014 and taking over the Castilla side later that year. He was previously an advisor to the first team under Jose Mourinho.

When he was asked earlier in 2015 if he would manage Real Madrid in the near future, he replied that he has a lot more to learn and a long way ahead, but this seems that isn't that true after all. With his unique character of asking for more in his career, Zidane seems to have accepted immediately the request from the club's president.

Does Real Madrid have other alternatives?

Yes! Jose Mourinho, the former coach of Real Madrid, is also ready for his next assignment. After a pretty bad first-season with Chelsea and one of the worst starts in all of his career, Mourinho is accepting offers from big clubs. His momentum status as a free agent makes him a pretty good bet for the next coach of Real Madrid.

But there is a problem, which can affect his agreement. On his first conference after leaving the job as Real Madrid's coach, he said that that season was probably the worst season he had ever had in his career. Mourinho has also a lot of issues with the fans and probably Cristiano Ronaldo, even though the president admires him.

Laurent Blanc

Laurent Blanc has won almost everything with Paris Saint-German, expect the Champion League, leaving him to search for other big clubs to manage, in order to achieve more in his career. He is pretty known in Europe for his leadership skills. Maybe he should be let to coach Real Madrid and then judge him for his performance.

Mauricio Pochettino

The Tottenham boss's stock is growing by every game and it is unlikely that Daniel Levy will let Pochettino go that easy to another club. However, there are some offers that you can't refuse, especially when they come from a big club as Real Madrid. After seeing his results as the Spurs' coach Real Madrid may think about signing him, but it has probably very few chances to sign him. Maybe in the future he can be a strong candidate to be the Galacticos' manager. It may yet be too soon for him to be in search of big clubs.

Were you satisfied with the new Real Madrid's coach?

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