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BSU's Better Bowl Victory

Updated on January 4, 2010

Second Time's the Charm

Unlike BSU's first Fiesta Bowl victory, this 17-10 win over TCU is unlikely to be sensation that BSU's win in 2007 was when they won 43-42.

Will there be any highlight that will be played over and over again like all the trick plays used against Oklahoma. No. That Fiesta Bowl game is replayed in several spots throughout the City of Boise three years later.

However, as ordinary as BSU's win tonight was, it's far better for the School to win this way. The 43-42 win was fun, but it was also messy, with a lot of sloppy plays on both sides which created the drama. Had either Boise State or Oklahoma been on its came in 2007, it would have been a blow out.

This game allowed Boise State to show the competence of its defense. And both of these Non-BCS schools played a fundamentally solid football game, bolstering the case of those who challenge the system's inequity.

For BSU, it could also make the case that if the BCS can't change, perhaps BSU could change to another conference. One proposal would have BSU join the PAC 10 and make it the PAC 12.

Either way, the type of game the Broncos played tonight was a momentous step forward for the BSU organization and Bronco Nation has much to rejoice about.


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