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Updated on May 6, 2011


 The Ancient Greeks, as one of my old teachers never tired of saying, had invented everything and rejected most things as not being a benefit to mankind. Now, I think he over-egged his pudding there ,but in the case of Strength Building in the Human Body he was spot on.

He told the legend of the young boy wandering down a country lane and stumbling upon the birth of a cow and lifting it to assist it to find the udders of the mother cow to begin to suckle.Each day, he returned to see his birth friend and repeated the procedure, for a reason unknown to me. The punch line is that 3 years later, at the age of 14, I think, he could lift a full grown BULL

Now forget the fable but retain the principle, for in it lies the route to follow for all who would build up Body Strength and indeed Mass.The principle of OVERLOAD holds true to this very day. We must understand that the body gains no, or little benefit, from that it does easily. Thus, for example, lifting the same wight daily will not build strength and mass. It will, if the repetitions are increased, assist the development of stamina or endurance, but not strength. The calf, growing daily, was heavier each day by enough to extend the musculature of the lifter, hence his development ultimately of great strength. No Gym, no supplements needed!


Throughout my life, there have been Commercial exploitations of those who would seek the dream of a strong, muscular body. I am old enough to remember the advertisements using the name of "The World"s Strongest Man", Charles Atlas ,to say nothing of the endless miracle new pieces of equipment that you could buy to realise the fantasy. The fact is non were either truly the answer or at the other end totally bogus.

I learned to understand the principles as I trained to be a PE Teacher and I have passed them on ever since. I have found that most young men, and indeed some young ladies, harbour the dream of a strong body. Maybe they think of other benefits from being strong, such as SELF CONFIDENCE, BETTER POSTURE AND A STRONG CENTRAL BODY CORE. Alternatively, they either just want to look good or avoid having sand kicked in their faces. Whatever the reason, I never knew anyone who did not want to see results as fast as possible.

Gym Membership, unknown when I was young, is now commonplace and some spend hours in them daily and weekly. Whether this is to seek value for the cost of membership, I know not, but I do know that you do not need to spend hours daily in the Gym or Exercise Centre to develop strength. The principle of accelerated muscular development can, as stated, be traced back to Ancient History.

Nowadays, it is not that easy to locate new born calves to start lifting, so weights take the place and are easily calibrated to measure progress.Anyone wishing to undertake sound training to build up their strength and body mass can be guided simply and effectively from the link below which operates with a clear understanding of the principles outlined here and which will certainly cut down your gym time needed, if not always your membership. However, that is a decision you will soon, by following the linked principles, be able to self determine. Good training and even better and swifter results to you with my very best wishes for your success in achieving that which you so wish..


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