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Baby Blue Suit

Updated on October 1, 2010

Choosing the Right Suit for You

Is a baby blue suit right for you or your child? We will try to not only answer this question but also share with you how to match your other clothing accessories with the baby blue color.

How do you know if baby blue is the right color suit? Baby blue suits will look the best on people with light or olive skin and who have dark or red hair. Now this does not mean if you are dark skinned or light haired that you can not pull off a baby blue suit, it may just not match your skin and hair color as well.

It is also unlikely that you will find a baby blue suit with a patterned fabric. So if you like checked, striped, or plaid suits you will likely not be able to find it in a baby blue color. But after you have decided on the color suit you will need to match items like your tie, under shirt, jewelry, and shoes. We will discuss this below.

Matching Accessories to a Baby Blue Suit

Once you have decided on a baby blue suit, we must now match other items to the suit. When matching items to the baby blue you do not have as much choice as to matching with a black or gray suit.

For the most part you will want to stick to colors that are in the same color pool as the baby blue and different shades of it with a few exceptions. A couple of exceptions are your shoes and undershirt. For shoes the best choice is dark blue or black. An undershirt can be white or stick to shades of blue.

For the tie it is best to stick with a black tie to match the baby blue suit or a solid color tie like teal or a shade of blue. Socks an often overlooked accessory should be black, of course stay away from white socks.

When wearing jewelry with a baby blue suit, it will look the best with silver or white gold. Gold jewelry will tend to clash with the blue color, but can sometimes be worn.

you can shop for baby blue suits online at and also eBay.

Baby Blue Suit
Baby Blue Suit


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