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Backpacking Hammock - For a More Enjoyable Outdoor Activity

Updated on September 21, 2010

Hammocks were used back then as a means to protect oneself while sleeping from animals and reptiles. Later on, it was also a foldable alternative to bunk beds in tinier and cramped spaces. Explorers, travelers and adventurers understand the value of a hammock due to its lightweight material that makes it ideal for going on trips and backpacking expeditions.

This hammock that is designed specifically for traveling and on camping trips is called a camping or backpacking hammock. As a super lightweight and more convenient option to tents, a backpacking hammock is easy to set up in less than 5 minutes and more trouble-free to carry with a weight that isn't heavier than 5 lbs.

What makes a backpacking hammock a good choice for hikers and campers is the comfort it brings during sleep and relaxation. Some campers have even decided to do away with tents altogether and use a backpacking hammock instead. Hikers and campers also experienced that a backpacking hammock gives more comfort and helps in easing tiredness and discomfort from an all-day hike. The backpacking hammock is also more portable and convenient than a conventional tent. No need to look for flat areas to set up camp or worry about rocky or wet ground.

Backpacking Hammock
Backpacking Hammock

In addition, the weight of a tent can tremendously add to the backpacker's load and can usually take its toll on the backpacker during long and difficult treks. With a lighter weight than tents, a backpacking hammock lessens the overall load carried by a hiker or camper. By this, one can drop a substantial amount of weight off the pack weight.

A backpacking hammock is small enough to put in a daypack and sturdy enough to withstand repeated use. Made from either nylon or cotton that are woven together to make a holding net, a backpacking hammock is a sturdy material to hold one or two people depending on its size and weight capacity.

A great and strong knot will give a stable support. Even add-ons like chains, tree strapping, collapsible stands and screw sets are available for a more secure and environment friendly backpacking hammock.

You can choose to try this new option to tents for your travels. Find out more how you can benefit and boost the fun in your adventures with a good backpacking hammock.


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