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Baltimore Ravens’ All-Time Sack Leaders

Updated on June 8, 2010

Peter Boulware

Terrell Suggs

The Baltimore Ravens began play as the Cleveland Browns, but the history books basically show Baltimore as an expansion team and the new Cleveland Browns, which began play in 1999, as an extension of the old Cleveland Browns.  Regardless, this Baltimore franchise has had a winning tradition almost since its inception, and they won a Super Bowl in 2000.  The team always has a solid defense, and here is a short list of the Ravens’ all-time sack leaders to date:

Peter Boulware (70)—Peter Boulware played his entire career for the Ravens, from 1997 to 2005, and he is the team’s all-time sacks leader with 70.  Boulware had his best season in 2001, when he had 15 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, 45 tackles, 4 passes deflected and 1 fumble recovery. 

Terrell Suggs (57.5)—Terrell Suggs has played for Baltimore his entire career, from 2003 until now as I write this in 2010.  His numbers have declined since he began play in the NFL, but Suggs ranks second in Ravens’ franchise history with 57.5 sacks.  His highest total was 12 in his rookie year, but Suggs’ best overall season was arguably 2008.  That year, Suggs made the Pro Bowl with 8 sacks, 2 interceptions (both for TDs), 9 passes deflected, 2 forced fumbles and a career high 53 tackles.

Michael McCrary (51)—Michael McCrary played for the Ravens from 1997 to 2002 and ranks third in their history with 51 sacks.  He had his best (and Pro Bowl) season in 1998 with career highs in both sacks (14.5) and tackles (66).

Adalius Thomas (38.5)—Adalius Thomas began his career with Baltimore and played there from 2000 to 2006.  Thomas ranks fourth in team history with 38.5 sacks, and his best season was 2006.  That year, Thomas made the Pro Bowl and had a career high 11 sacks to go along with 1 interception, a fumble recovery for a touchdown, 64 tackles and one safety. 

Ray Lewis (36.5)—Ray Lewis is one of my favorite all-time players to watch.  He plays the game hard and the way it should be played.  Lewis has played his entire career in Baltimore, from 1996 until now as I write this in 2010.  Lewis ranks fifth in franchise history with 36.5 sacks, and he had a career high 5 in 2006.  But sacks are a small part of Lewis’ game.  His best overall season was probably 1997.  That year, Lewis had 4 sacks, a career high 156 tackles, an interception and a fumble recovery. 


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    • Goody5 profile image

      Goody5 4 years ago from Bohville, USA, Just below the Mason-Dixon line in the land of the pleasant living

      This was a great hub about some of the greatest defensive players that the NFL has ever seen. I gave it a big blue thumbs up, and voted everything but funny! When you get a chance check out this tribute to Ray Lewis' retirement -

    • optimus grimlock profile image

      optimus grimlock 7 years ago

      boulwere was great all around and now hes in the fl senate.