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Barcelona faces Atletico Madrid history of confrontations

Updated on April 5, 2016

Pentagonal meet champions Barcelona last season's league leaders Liga with Atletico Madrid "advanced", which won the last game at Real Betis Ballega five goals to the goal in a manner offensive play is unusually conservative. Both teams sought to achieve a positive result to cut the extra step towards semi-finals of the Champions League. Quarter-final draw, which have caused the two teams in the same way good news for any of them and did not represent, but it may be notified to the Catalans a little more than a pole, DC younger Spanish concern, because Roikhyeelancos "were toppled Balbrsa two years of the same tournament since. This concern can be wasted it is simple, which is that since the Luis Enrique Spanish club training, it surpassed all Alotlta in clashes that brought them together.


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