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Barefoot Skiing Speeds

Updated on January 27, 2011

Barefoot Skiing Speeds

barefoot skiing speeds are much safer with Lane "Dawg" Bowers No Fall Barefooting DVD
barefoot skiing speeds are much safer with Lane "Dawg" Bowers No Fall Barefooting DVD | Source

Barefoot Skiing Speed::Barefoot Skiing Equipment

Barefoot skiing speeds have basically come down to a basic formula that has been partially responsible for many serious injuries. This barefoot skiing speed formula is as follows:

Your weight divided by 10, add 20 mph = your barefoot speed

I have spent the last 20 years dealing with the aftermath of injuries and disappointments of those who find this formula and then proceed to try to learn to barefoot on their own without the education needed.

There is very good news! If you are looking for a barefoot skiing miracle, here it is:

You Can Learn Barefoot Skiing Without Falling… Guaranteed!

I am going to answer every question you have ever had about the following Google searches which I see on the internet; 

1. barefoot skiing

2. barefoot skiing speed

3. barefoot skiing videos

4. barefoot skiing lessons

5. barefoot skiing suit

6. barefoot skiing shoes

7. barefoot skiing tips

8. barefoot skiing injuries

Getting back to barefoot skiing speeds, I want to give you an example of a student I taught whose name is Phil Pfister. Phil Pfister was the World's Strongest Man and is 6'6" in height and 385lbs.

Phil was panicked when he heard people discussing barefoot skiing speeds on the internet because according to the calculation above this is how you would calculate the barefoot skiing speed for Phil Pfister;

385 divided by 10 = 38.5, add 20 = 58mph!

Can you imagine the fear he had thinking he would have to learn at that speed?

The good news was that Phil Pfister used my No Fall Barefoot Skiing Method to learn to barefoot at 34mph directly on the barefoot boom and then learned to barefoot on the 7 foot rope off the barefoot international boom at 35.5 mph!

The reality is that although I specialize in helping those with unusually difficult cases, the average person can learn to barefoot on the barefoot boom UNDER 30mph and kids can learn much slower!

The key to barefoot skiing speeds is not determined by your weight and foot size!

Your barefoot skiing speed is determined by your brain…

What do I mean? If you follow my very simple method for Learning Barefoot Skiing Without Falling, you will follow these general steps;

#1  practice the "Point and Flex" positions for your foot to learn what part of your foot you are going to ski on

#2  on dry land, practice and learn the "Butt Glide" position and the "3-Point Position"

#3  learn the world class standing position which are "Posture, Glide, and The Power Band"

#4 learn the mandatory barefoot skiing equipment necessary to learn safely without falling: The Barefoot International Boom

#4 The World's Best Barefoot Skiing Suit and why you must use the IronMan padded shorts underneath

#5  The Swing Method of Learning Barefoot Skiing Without Falling which eliminates barefoot falls completely when you follow my critical teaching steps.

#6 Free barefoot skiing videos that will allow you to learn without exposing yourself to stupid injuries

#7 barefoot skiing shoes and when is the appropriate time to implement them - avoid the one simple step that has caused many injuries from being uninformed.

By following my steps outlined in my free No Fall Barefoot Skiing Video Series you will have an unfair advantage over everyone on your lake. You CAN become the best barefooter on your lake. Barefoot skiing can be safer than most people who try to learn to water ski on combo skis.

Barefoot Skiing Videos

Barefoot Skiing Videos Barefoot Skiing Shoes

World's Best Barefoot Ski School Guaranteed

The Footer's Edge Barefoot Skiing School:
Winter Haven, FL 33884, USA

get directions Learn barefoot skiing without ever taking a fall. Find out why we guarantee this is the best lesson you will ever have!

5665 Cypress Gardens Boulevard Winter Haven, FL 33884-2273:
5665 Cypress Gardens Blvd, Winter Haven, FL 33884, USA

get directions


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    • ZandaDee profile image


      7 years ago from Sydney

      Great hub, I've never tried barefoot skiing but it's now on my radar, will look it to it more.


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