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Baseball Bat Reviews for Low Prices

Updated on July 6, 2016

I have always been a fan of defense over hitting, but I know I am one of the few. It is now time talk about what bats you should buy. The first bat I want to review is a wood bat. Wood bats are great for batting practice, and also most baseball players have been in wood bat tournaments. The wood bat that I would buy over and over again is the DeMarini Pro Maple Composite Wood Bat. It is funny because when you use this bat you feel like you are hitting with a metal bat. I think I hit my farthest homerun in my career with this bat, and that is amazing to say because it is wood. I feel like this bat has the pop of a metal bat. I also like this bat because it feels so light when you swing it but has such a big barrel. The sweet spot on this bat is ginormous. All this does come with a price though. This bat costs 150 dollars, and as most of you may know wood bats can break easily. I had two of these bats during my lifetime before I decided to move on. However, this bat does have a three month guarantee in case if you break it in the first three months of your purchase. I will say when I did break this bat I got jammed by a really hard throwing pitcher, so I don’t think many wood bats would of survived that. If you want to feel like you are hitting with a metal bat when it is actually wood I would go with this bat.

Now it is good old BBCOR bats. As you know if you read my posts they made the switch to this when I was in high school, so I have only had a few experiences with these bats. I felt like I hit the jack pot though because I absolutely loved this bat. The bat is called the Louisville Slugger EXO Grid. The best part about this bat is about a ½ inch more to the center than most other bats. This is where the balance point is compared to the knob. This makes the bat feel a lot lighter which is good for contact hitters which I considered myself to be. My favorite part of this bat is how it sounds. If you have played baseball recently you know the difference in sounds that a metal bat makes and a BBCOR bat. However, with this bat it sounds just like a regular metal bat which is why I love it. There is nothing better than hearing the sound this bat makes when you hit a ball right off the sweet spot. The best part about this batter is the price. Since it is an older model you can get this bat for around 200 dollars. This is a great price because new models of BBCOR bats can reach 500 dollars. Many people go straight for the newest models. They will miss a gem if they do not get this bat. I got to try the newer EXO models and they do not compare to this one. I do not often recommend older products but Louisville Slugger made a special bat.


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