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Baseball Batting Gloves: Don't Lose Your Grip!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Baseball Batting Gloves Are The Batter's Most Important Accessory

 Baseball batting gloves are generally worn to provide excellent grip and avoid painful blisters to the hands of players. The bats handled with baseball batting gloves are usually metal or wooden baseball or softball bats, although the official rules do not limit bats to any particular shape, size, or type. Baseball batting gloves are padded very heavily, and are primarily used to deaden and absorb the shock that takes place when the bat connects with the ball.

They don't typically have grips of any form, and can essentially make the act of catching a baseball more difficult as that is not their intended purpose. Baseball batting gloves are available in a sizeable assortment of types and options.

The Mizuno Vintage Pro F2 Baseball Batting Gloves
The Mizuno Vintage Pro F2 Baseball Batting Gloves

The Infinite Variety Of Baseball Batting Gloves

 Baseball batting gloves can be purchased in sizes for any sized hand, from the extra small models that measure around seven inches to the huge XXL models that can be over twelve inches.

The best way to guarantee a comfortable ergonomic fit in the baseball batting glove you are considering is to accurately measure your middle finger length, which you'll find is going to be anywhere between 3 inches to as long as 4 inches or more.

Nearly every single baseball glove manufacturer in the world produces some form of baseball batting gloves. These baseball batting gloves are widely available at sports oriented online retailers and online auction sites and can also be found at brick and mortar locations such as local sports stores and at discount retailers in the larger cities. Baseball batting gloves are generally nowhere near as pricey as traditional and conventional baseball gloves. The price tag for a basic set of baseball batting gloves generally starts between $10 and $20 at most online and conventional retailers.

The Akadema BTG450PR-L Baseball Batting Gloves
The Akadema BTG450PR-L Baseball Batting Gloves

Famous Brand Name Baseball Batting Gloves

Baseball gloves are as varied as the players who wear them, thus the selection of batting gloves for baseball is indeed endless.

Some of the most renowned brands of baseball batting glove include Easton baseball batting gloves, Mizuno baseball batting gloves, Rawlings baseball batting gloves, TPX baseball batting gloves, and Franklin baseball batting gloves.

Each offers many models to suit any baseball player, from the pro series all the way down to youth baseball batting gloves.

The Nike GB0229 Jordan Team Adult Baseball Batting Gloves
The Nike GB0229 Jordan Team Adult Baseball Batting Gloves

Baseball Batting Gloves Provide Protection

 Leather offers excellent protection against cuts and other injuries. Leather palms on baseball batting gloves certainly assist in the overall provision of superior grip and comfort.

A significant feature of high quality baseball batting gloves is a form of air mesh on the back of the glove to provide additional comfort and breathability to minimize condensation in all playing temperatures and conditions.

Baseball batting gloves facilitate the performance of players. A tight grip on the bat will help improve the batting by stopping your hands from slipping. Batting gloves can become drenched with perspiration and inordinately moist during playing.

Instead of simply abandoning them in the equipment bag following the end of the game, it is a good idea to lay them out in a cool, dry place and allow them to air dry.

The Variety Of Modern Baseball Batting Gloves

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