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Baseball Christmas Poem

Updated on March 4, 2016

Santa Baseball

The stands are all empty, no cheering can be heard

No one is on first, second or third

The mound is all lonely, no pitcher in sight

Its Christmas eve, no games to be played, it just doesn't seem right

But wait, what do my wondering eyes see land on the mound

It looks like a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer coming down with a leaping bound

I was shocked as I heard him call them by name, Jimmy , Ryan, Brett, Caleb, Jacob , Brant, Julius,Karter and Hunter

Take your positions now,the game is about to get started, make sure to keep your eyes on the runner

The boys took there spots on the field as Santa suited up himself and all of his reindeer

Get ready, he said the games about to start, I hope everyones here

They all looked amazed as Santa said, Okay batter up, the game has begun

Jimmy was up first, Santa knew he was hoping for a home run!!

Strike one! said the umpire, as Jimmy looked kind of shocked

Strike two!! Jimmy thought to himself this Santa guy as a pitcher really rocks

Contact was made with the ball and out in the field it went really fast

But up flew Blitzen, Wow what a catch!!

Jimmys great hit by him was not going past

Up next came Hunter, he knew those reindeer could fly

A nice grounder he thought would slip right on by

But Rudolph had other plans for his ground ball hit

He bent right down with his nose glowing and caught it right in his mitt!!

Two outs! Santa knew this would be a breeze

Up next was Ryan, he thought to himself, I am bringing this santa guy to his knees

Strike one, strike two said the Umpire with just a little too much joy!!

Next pitch made contact right to Donner, who caught it and said your outta here boy!!

The team knew they had some catching up to do, bottom of 7 with very few hits

Santa said lets get this game moving, I have toys to deliver in a bit

Man on 3rd, two outs on the score board,Santas team was up by one

the batter felt the pressure, he knew losing was not too much fun

Santa had a mad curve ball but his knuckle ball was the best

Full count said the umpire, the batter thought is this some kind of test

Santa wants me to swing he thought to himself

The ball came in fast, strike 3 said the umpire as he turned into an elf!!

The Christmas Eve game was over, Santa and his team had won

The boys thought losing to Santa was really a lot of fun

Santa hopped in his sleigh, roped up his reindeer and flew out of sight

The boys were shocked when Santa yelled Merry Christmas to you all and next time we play at least put up a fight!!!


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