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Baseball Discussion: Scott Boras - the Overblown Windbag

Updated on November 14, 2013

Boras' Opinion

Well I haven’t written a baseball-related hub for a while and as die-hard Mets fan, what was I going to write about that hasn’t already been written about 5000 times. We all know the state of the team and baseball and such so I don’t want to waste a lot of time on it. What I’d like to vent about is my utter dislike of Scott Boras.

Why, you may ask?

Well, there are quite a few reasons and not just for his stupid comments about the Mets on Wednesday. He makes comments like this every year and the media makes it into a big deal but really, all he’s done is annoy everyone around him. Why is he giving us the barometer of the free agent market? In years past he’s represented some of the biggest names in the business and in that sense, I get it, he lets us know what’s going on with the top-level talent he represents.

2013 Free Agent Class

This Year's Free Agents

This year? The number one free agent is Robinson Cano and he isn’t even a Boras client. Jacoby Ellsbury? Yeah he’s a good player but he’s on the wrong side of thirty and not an elite player. Certainly NOT worth whatever he’s going to get. Shin-Soo Choo? Definitely a good, versatile player and a fit for most teams but also not an elite player and not worth the $100+mil he wants either.

Boras’ only play, every year, is to find the mindless idiot of an owner who will pay huge amounts of money for a single player – even though no player is worth that kind of money. No player is worth what these guys want this year. The last two years alone have proved that throwing all of your money at one player will not fix your TEAM. Yes, baseball is a team sport so paying $254mil for Albert Pujols wasn’t a brilliant idea, or throwing the money Josh Hamilton got last year. Jayson Werth – I bet the Nationals cringe every time someone brings up that contract now. Even the Mets just got out from under Johan Santana’s huge contract and while I loved his early success, his contract completely handcuffed the organization for the last two years. Don't even get me started on the Yankees and how will the Dodgers feel two years from now when all of their players get old fast and are still making premium money?

NY Mets Free Agents Spending

These are the Free Agents the Mets have signed to Major-League Contracts over the past three years:

2011: 6 Signings
Ronny Paulino, Scott Hairston, Chris Capuano, Chris Young, Taylor Buchholz, DJ Carrasco

2012: 5 Signings
Frank Francasco, Scott Hairston, Jon Rauch, Tim Byrdak and Ronny Cedeno

2013: 2 Signings and Marlon Byrd was a minor league signing....
Shawn Marcum, Brandon Lyon


Mets Fans Know the Story Better than Boras

I understand the economics of baseball. When Marlon Byrd can turn a 22 home run year into a 2-year $16million contract, power is at a premium. But why is it that Scott Boras thinks he can voice his opinion about how any team spends THEIR money?

He is the biggest conflict of interest alive.

Why does he even get to talk to the media? The other agents don’t talk to the media. They talk to the media after their player is signed, not before. Scott Boras feels he can shame the teams into spending more money? I understand it’s his job to get his clients top dollar but his shady tactics over the years and his deliberate slander of teams gets old quickly. How about this thought?

After years of the Mets not spending on free-agents, does Scott Boras believe that the fan-base, the media, the ownership team and the upper management team making deals don’t already know the situation? Does he think his opinion sways ANYONE in that group.

I’m a Mets fan and I know what my team has been doing/not doing for the past few years – I don’t need him trying to explain it to me.

The New York media also knows about it and they harp on it every single day. I’m sure Scott Boras doesn’t read the New York papers every day but if he did, maybe he would realize he’s spouting the same noise they are. Of course I respect my local writers far more than Mr. Scott Boras since they aren’t going to make any money when Jacoby Ellsbury or Shin-Soo Choo signs a contract.

The Mets upper-management and ownership know what they have been doing and they have seen first-hand how “Impressed” their fans are. They KNOW they have to make significant moves this off-season or the disenchanted fan-base will move further away from Citi Field than before. Last year I skipped the annual Father’s Day present to go a game at Citi Field with the family. It just wasn’t worth it to me to go and I won’t return unless they have something to show me. Otherwise I can watch it on TV.

He's an Equal Opportunity Team Slanderer

So who is Scott Boras trying to impress? Who does he think he’s talking to? I’m sure Cubs and Astros fans feel the same way I do. They know their teams situations better than Boras does. He stated that the Mets are worth a lot of money and that management can do pretty much whatever it wants. While I’m not happy about it, I know the ownership still owes a lot of money on the stadium and the TV network and it’s due soon so they don’t have a ton of money just sitting around.

He even made a comment that the Rickett’s family, who own the Chicago Cubs was putting too much emphasis on fixing Wrigley Field rather than the team. Well I’m sorry Scott Boras, Wrigley Field is nearly 100 years old and stands as a baseball landmark. YOU may not like it since you don’t make any money from it, but they have to make sure the Stadium is fixed and makes them money. Your point of view, Mr. Boras is completely skewed.

So far the foreseeable future, please keep your mouth closed and your opinions to yourself, pretty much like all of the other agents. Stand next to your clients when you get them signed and let them bask in their new contract. I don’t begrudge you your cut, I simply begrudge you your completely skewed opinion.

What's worse - Boras or PEDs??

Here is another thought for you to consider. Over the years, who has been most responsible for destroying the salary-scale in baseball? Scott Boras. I’d venture to say that he has been the worst thing for baseball, even worse than steroids and PEDs. That’s right, he’s worse for baseball than steroids. You all believe that steroids destroyed baseball but really its people like Scott Boras.

Most players who took steroids didn't gain much if anything from using them (don't believe me? Take at a look at my hubs about Steroids in Baseball and judge for yourself). Boras makes believe every client he has is a superstar and wants them to get paid that way. Players who used PEDs may have believed that would lead to a better payday but Boras actually plays this mind-game with players and ownership selling even the low-end players as high-end merchandise. The Players were only really fooling themselves - Boras is trying to fool everyone.


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 3 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Boras' days are numbered, in my opinion. I think teams are looking for better ways to spend. Get many for the price of one (i.e. Yankees). Not that I think Jay Z and CAA will do any better. The Yanks were smart not to sign Cano but my local team, the M's, lacking any forethought, went for the big splash. TV money or not, guys like Boras will have to change the way they do business and like the players' union did, dial back the arrogance. Voted up.