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Baseball Gloves: The Heart Of America's Classic Game

Updated on March 20, 2011

Baseball Gloves Magnify The Performance Of Any Player

Baseball gloves are of primary importance for any baseball player enjoying being engaged in America's classic historical game. No other item can magnify the performance of a baseball player on any position like a quality baseball glove. Therefore, anyone can confidently state that baseball gloves are indeed the heart of America's classic game!

Baseball gloves are presented in almost every size, color and material known to man. Traditional gloves are crafted from leather or faux-leather and more recently from buffalo and kangaroo hides. Baseball gloves are utilized in varying ways, depending on the specific field position being played by the baseball player, and the particular playing style of the individual.

The very expensive Rawlings Primo baseball glove.
The very expensive Rawlings Primo baseball glove.

Beware Of Vinyl & Other Synthetic Baseball Gloves

 Baseball gloves are generally constructed of leather or a synthetic substance such as plastic or vinyl. Synthetic baseball gloves can be considerably less expensive than leather baseball gloves, but can be awkward to use as they are quite rigid and not at all supple like real leather baseball gloves.

Baseball gloves are as all-American as motherhood and apple pie!
Baseball gloves are as all-American as motherhood and apple pie!

Historic Baseball Gloves Have Been Sold For Up To $380,000!

Baseball gloves and baseball battting gloves are available to suit every age, skill level, preference and budget: From just a few dollars for basic youth baseball gloves to several hundred for the top of the line pro baseball gloves. The Rawlings Primo baseball glove model is made from fine Italian leather and can cost upwards of $500!

There are collectors of vintage baseball gloves who will gladly pay thousands of dollars for special and very collectable historical gloves. At a Sotheby’s auction the last glove one worn by the great “Iron Horse” Lou Gehrig, was sold to actress and director Penny Marshall for well over $380,000. At the same auction, actor Billy Crystal bought a Mickey Mantle glove for almost a quarter of a million dollars!

Some of the finest and most reputable brands of baseball glove include Akadema baseball gloves, Nokona baseball gloves, Rawlings baseball gloves, Wilson baseball gloves, Mizuno baseball gloves and TPX baseball gloves.

The Wilson A2K DW5 12 Inch Fielders Baseball Glove
The Wilson A2K DW5 12 Inch Fielders Baseball Glove

Baseball Gloves Are Critical To Any Position

 Baseball gloves vary considerbly from other sports gloves as you need to think about what position you will be playing: pitcher, catcher, infield, outfield, or any other position on the field. The catchers mitt and the first baseman's mitt are shaped in a considerably different manner as they lack fingers as the difference is defined as gloves have fingers, but mitts lack them.

For example, a pitcher may utilize their glove to mask or hide their grip, a catcher or first baseman or catcher is primarily interested in catching the ball, and an infielder is mainly interested in the ability to swiftly remove the ball from the glove for in order to throw it quickly.

Pitcher's gloves are required to be a solid color. If the plate umpire decides that the glove is distracting, the pitcher is obliged to change it. Pitchers don't have to meet all, but definitely most of the criteria for standard baseball gloves.

Baseball gloves historically have been the dusty, scuffed, and creased insignia of the great game which has defined America through the decades and still remains immensely popular with fans of all ages.

How To Measure Your Baseball Glove For A Perfect Fit

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      It is hard to image baseball gloves being sold for $380,000. That is just crazy. Interesting share.