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Baseball Legend Reggie Jackson Calls Out Alex Rodriquez In Interview

Updated on July 7, 2012
Reggie Jackson
Reggie Jackson

With Friends Like That... Who Need Enemies

Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson has been public about his opinion of Alex Rodriquez's stats and numbers, in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated. Jackson told a Sports Illustrated reporter that Rodriquez's 642 career homers should be called into question, as a result of his admitted performance-enhancing drug use. "Al's a very good friend," Jackson said. "But I think there are real questions about his numbers. As much as I like him, what he admitted about his usage does cloud some of his records." This is of course in reference to Rodriquez's admission of steroid usage during a three year stint, right after he signed his record $252 million dollar contract with the Texas Rangers. When questioned about the harsh words by Jackson, Rodriquez replied "With friends like that, who needs enemies..."

Jackson Reportedly Apologizes

Jackson has reportedly contacted Alex, Joe Girardi, and the New York Yankee organization to apologize for the comments he made. Alex himself did indicate that Jackson has reached out to him; however, he would like to keep that discussion between the two of them, and move on. The two have reportedly been friends for some years now, and the relationship is expected to continue.


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