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Baseball Team Party Ideas

Updated on September 7, 2014
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Team Parties

Our team parties are usually held the week after our last game and the purpose behind this party is to celebrate an awesome season and to pass out trophies. We try to keep our costs at $20-25 per child with trophy and party. Some teams (usually the older boys) opt out of the party and offer a higher-end trophy or personalized jacket or something along those lines instead. In this article I'll give you several ideas on how to celebrate an awesome season with your own boys.

Idea #1- Pizza Buffet

Check with your local Pizza buffet for party pricing and options. Stevie B's offers affordable party packages and it gives family of the team members options to purchase their own food. Our local Stevie B's runs around $10 per child and that includes unlimited trips to the buffet and fountain machine as well as game tokens and balloons on the table.

We usually order cupcakes or a cake to serve as well but that's optional since dessert pizza is usually served at these types of places. If you opt to provide cake they usually run $35-50 depending on size and how it's decorated.


Idea #2- Party at the Park

A party-at-the park is usually a cheap and fun option for little kids who still enjoy a playground. A lot of counties offer pavilion use at a county park for $50 or less and you can choose a pavilion closest to the playground. Little Caesar's is usually the route we take because their carry out pizzas are only $5 each so we can feed not only the team but their families as well. If you didn't want to go with pizza you could grill out. If you decide to go with this option you will need to include the cost of paper plates, napkins, and any other utensils or condiments into your costs. For maximum budgeting I would order cupcakes instead of a sheet cake for this because there are no plates or utensils needed.


Idea #3- Party at the Field

We have done this twice because it's super cheap and easy and the 10-12 year old kids usually enjoy this. We either do Little Caesar's or grill out and serve cupcakes for not only team members but also their families. We also do a parent vs. kids scrimmage game! Trophies are usually handed out at the end. **You may need to get permission from your park board members to do this**

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Idea #4- Bowling

Bowling is a more expensive option but still a lot of fun! Call around to your local Bowling Ally and see what specials they offer for team party packages. My local Ally charges $16 per child and that includes shoe rental, 2 games, an arcade pass, pizza, and drinks. Once you add in the cost of trophies you'll be looking at almost $30 per child which is not outrageous but more than some parents prefer to spend.

This trophy cost $11.
This trophy cost $11. | Source

Additional Information

Trophies- always go for the bigger option- they're usually only $1 or so more and the kids love the bigger ones and feel more special.

Extras- don't forget to include in your plates, utensils, and napkins into your costs.

Drinks- Don't forget your drinks and ice to keep them cool! I usually try to get at least one box of juice pouches for the little siblings.

Money saving options- you may be able to convince a local grocery store to donate drinks or others necessities for your team party which will help cut costs.

Anti-trophy options- By the time your child has been in baseball a few years you'll have a ton of trophies at your house and may not be interested in continuing that collection but would still like your child to be recognized. Plaques with a team photo are nice and costs about the same as a trophy. Personalized warm-up jackets are a nice alternative and can be used for years to come (these are usually around $25). Personalized miniature wooden bats are a big hit for the little kids. Metals- these usually only cost about $5 each so this is a cheap option but could passed out with a team photo or something equally nice.

Coach gifts- Don't forget about your coaches!!! A plaque, team photo, or metal are usually the best options to make them feel like their time and effort was appreciated.



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