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Baseball Terms Used In The Game

Updated on February 8, 2010

 Before you can ever play your best game of baseball you need to be aware of the lingo used in the game.  Just as with other sports like volleyball and basketball there are certain baseball terms that players use to communicate with their coaches and teammates throughout the game.  These are the most commonly used terms in baseball and those you should be familiar with.  The first is the term ace, which you’re probably used to hearing in the professional games.

 This term describes a team’s best starting pitcher, which is the pitcher that a coach will usually put in the first at the beginning of a game to get their team off to a good start.  The term backdoor slider refers to a pitch that is thrown which at first seems to be going into the strike zone which can make a player hesitate to swing, but then the ball veers back in and because it’s such a tricky pitch it causes a lot of players to strike out.  It’s hard for hitters at the position they’re at and with the pitch coming so fast to tell whether or not the ball will stay in the strike zone or not.  The term bing-bang play is commonly used when a fielder catches his ball with a glove and it lands near his waist or belt level.

 Another important baseball term is caught looking.  Fungo is a funky baseball term, one that is used to describe a ball hit to a fielder during practice.  This is one of the most basic baseball drills in practice which helps to warm the players up and get them ready for a game.  The term homer refers to a home run and in some cases you can tell it’s a homer before the ball has even hit the ground.

 When the ball is hit so far that it goes past the reach of the players farthest in the outfield, it’s called a homer.  Another of the most commonly used baseball terms is pepper, which is another drill often used in baseball practice.  To have players pepper you need to have one who is the designated pitcher and who is going to bunt grounds to teammates while standing about twenty feet away.  A pitcher who is left-handed is called a southpaw.

 These are just some of the many different baseball terms that are used.  Especially in the professional league games, baseball terms mean everything.  Especially if you plan on getting into baseball professionally, this is one of the first and most important steps you must take as a player.   Baseball terms also help these along with signature baseball signs create a certain bond among the players on a team.


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