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Baseball, the Diamond Treasured by the World

Updated on August 31, 2011

Baseball, A Worldwide Appreciation

If there was ever a more appreciated sport and one which was represented in its players, by almost every country in the world, it is that of baseball. Baseball brings people together, no matter what race or religion. It has a sincere following all over the planet and is appreciated by more people of all ages, than any other sport. Little league teams are watched and followed around the world and the championships are shown on television. High school baseball and college baseball are viewed on the sports casts , just like the big league teams are, and it is a team sport that even family members are involved with in their support, and also the love of its entertainment. Ask a kid what he wants to be when he grows up and chances are, it will be a baseball player. Whether its a pitcher, catcher, or fielder, it makes no difference, all positions are appreciated. Hitting is probably the most widely appreciated and no matter if you are a big heavy set player, or a small and thin batter, the fact that you can wail the heck out of the ball, is all that counts to the fans. More beer, soda pop, popcorn, cracker jacks, and hot dogs are ingested at baseball games, than any other form of entertainment in the country.

When the ardent followers of the game feel a change in the temperature in the air, and the first announcement is made of new players on the rosters, and the schedule of the American and National Leagues are posted, the whole country has to sit up and take notice, that a new season of baseball is about to begin once again. Grown men feel the excitement, ladies who follow the game share the feeling, and kids all over the country and world, get happy and jump up and down for joy. Many of them are going to be on teams in little league and many are already conditioning for high school and college ball. "The Boys of Summer" are limbering up with exercises and beginning to run around the outfields. Pitchers are throwing in the bull pens and hitters are taking batting practice. The old Fungo bats are cracking, sending practice fly balls to the out fielders, and infielders are sharpening up their ball handling skills and throwing arms. Rosters are written up and redone a dozen times until managers are satisfied and owners are on the phones with coaches and head managers, asking about the possibilities of their teams making the play offs this year. Parents begin getting the kids ready with new gloves and baseball cleats, and take a little extra time in back yards in doing a little preseason coaching for their future baseball stars. Mothers are saying,"don't break you new eye glasses and be careful that you don't get beaned by a ball", while proud dads are just chuckling at all the fuss and getting in good moods that help them forget work schedules and appreciate their time off with the kids. Cars and trucks are filled with gas and ice chests are packed with ice and colas. Sunglasses are purchased by the millions and sun tan lotions are swabbed on arms and necks, application, and trying not to get too much into the eyes in the process. A new and exciting baseball season is about to explode on the world scene and everyone has been just waiting, weathering that winter and all of those days of "Down in the Blues" blues.

Baseball is one of the greatest ways that all people can get together from New York, or St,Lewis, Chicago, or Cincinnati, and for one summer actually get along with one another, in their mutual appreciation of the game of baseball.(for the most part). It does not matter how poor we may all feel at he moment, or if we have a big fancy car, nice home in the country, or a beat-up pickup and live in a small and cramped two-bedroom in the city, all of God's children love the game of baseball and all show their appreciation in their own unique ways. Some wear antlers on their heads, or hats turned backward, and even paint their faces in their support of their teams, but all show up, in no matter what garb or costume they wear, just to enjoy the heck out of the nation's and world's favorite pass time, that of baseball.

Baseball is unchanging, and probably, that is one of the greatest attractions of the sport. For just one afternoon, the rest of the world is put on hold, and all that really matters is who is pitching, what kind of record does he have, and who has the best batting average on the team this season? Just ask Cobb, Mathews, Ruth, and Koufax, when they were all playing the game, and they will tell you, why you love the game so much,( don't ask Yogi, or you may get confused), and why this season you will be rooting for your teams and probably will do so, until the day comes, when you cannot hear or see any more, and even then, you will feel the excitement of that baseball season in the electrically charged airways! When the umpire stoops to dust the plate, and yells, "play ball", and the first crack of the bat is heard, until the last pitch is made in the World Series, the game of baseball, will always be treasured as "The Diamond, of Which Dreams Are Made", around the world.


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