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Muay Thai Basics, A Look At The Fighting Style Origins!

Updated on February 9, 2012

What Is MuayThai Kick Boxing ?

Muay Thai Kick Boxing is a stand up striking Martial art."Art of eight Limbs "and "science of eight limbs" are other names for Muay Thai. Muay Thai kickboxer's uses all eight limbs hence the name "Art Of Eight Limbs". Mauy Thai fighters use elbows, knees, punches,and kicks, to injure and defeat their opponents.

Muai Thai fighters utilize standup striking with many clenched techniques ,Muay Thai is Thailand's national sport and it has many influences from Indonesia, Cambodia, and Malaysia.Many top MMA and UFC fighters use Muay Thai as their main striking martial art,because Muay Thai is known for their striking precision, speed and ruthless striking power.

A Little Muay Thai History!

there are many forms of martial arts from Southeast Asia. Muay Thai is also called Mauy Boran which means "Ancient Boxer". In the old days Muay Thai fighters would wrap rope around their wrist , hands, and feet, When preparing for a bareknuckle fight. Thailand's leaders held many fighting tournaments, in which the winners would then train the royal family, princes princesses, and guards, in order to protect himself and his country of Thailand. The people whos jobs where to protect the royal family are known as Krom Nak Muay "Muay Kick-Fighters' Regiment".

The Story Of Muay Thai!

Some people believe the founder and creator of Muay Thai is a Burmese slave by the name Of Nai Khanomtom. During 1774 the Burmese King Hsinbyushin, held a ceremony to gather the people and celebrate. In this celebration he held archery tournaments, sword fighting, stick fighting, and opened hand fighting championship.

The King decided to pair his top Burmese fighter against some Muay Boran, Muay Thai fighters in order to see what was the top fighting art.Nai Khanomtom was selected to fight against the Burmese champion. Nai Khanomtom did a pree ritual Way Kru pre-fight dance. The dance shows respects to his teachers and ancestors as well as the spectators and his opponent.Nai Khanomotom wone the fight using elbows, knees, punches,and kicks. The Burmese King then challenged Nai Khanomoto to fight nine guys without no rest in order to prove himself. Nai Khanomoto wone all fights and had no rest in between bouts. The Burmese King gave Nai his freedom and two beautiful women for his victory in the Tournament. And some beleve this story to be the story of MUay Thai got its start.

Muay Thai: The Art Of Eight Limbs!

In classical Muay Thai Kickboxing, there are two main styles in witch the fighting techniques are based from. Major Techniques( Mae Mai) And Minor Techniques (Luk Mai).Muay Thai Fighters are very tough and they like to exchange blow for blow, one after another. Almost all of the fighting techniques use the fighters momentum to gain power and strength.

When a Muay Thai Kick Boxer throws a kick he puts his whole body into the kick using his hips, and shoulders to help thrust the power of the kick through the foot. Muay Thai Boxers also use knee strikes, elbow strikes,and low leg kicks as there wepons of choice. A Muay Thai Boxer is great at power strikes, and he is also quick on his toes.

Top UFC Fighters Who Train In Muay Thai Kick Boxing!

The UFC is the fastest growing sport in the world, and all the top fighters around the world want to fight in that primare league. so what fighters in the UFC specialize in Muay Thai well hears a quick look.

  1. Thiago Alvez
  2. Wanderlei Silva
  3. Anderson SIlva
  4. Shogun Rua
  5. Cheik Kongo
  6. Spencer Fisher
  7. Brendon Vera

HollyWood and Muay Thai!

The Muay Thai Fighting style is all around the world and because of the success of mixed Martial Arts and thanks to the UFC's popularity, Muay Thai kickboxing techniques are starting to be seen in some Hollywood action packed films Such Films are.

  1. Fight Or Flight (documentary)
  2. Beautiful Boxer
  3. Duel Fists
  4. Born To Fight
  5. Ong Bak 1,2,and 3
  6. The Protector
  7. Kick Boxer


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    • newell12345 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thanks for your feed back and yes Muay Thai is such a great martial art system,as well as a sport.

    • scraw profile image

      sean crawford 

      5 years ago from los angeles

      I have trained in Muay Thai and will be visiting Thailand for more training. It is a good thing that you reveal more of the history of this incredible fighting style. Most people only hear about it through MMA promotions. You should write an article on Muay Thai Chaiya one day. Readers will be very impressed.

    • newell12345 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      I enjoy Muay Thai alot it is one of the most exciting fighting sports around and it is also steeped in heritage. im glad you like it as well jim, thanks for the comment

    • jim10 profile image


      7 years ago from ma

      Great basics about Muay Thai.


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