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Basket Case!!??!!

Updated on May 18, 2010
Fan tribute jewelry I created.
Fan tribute jewelry I created.
Ladies sportswear
Ladies sportswear
Men's jersey pins
Men's jersey pins

The great game of B-Ball

has made me a basket case,

and there is nothing

Cavalier about it!

Off to Hell in a hand

basket that missed....

in so many endless

trips to the inferno of loss.

So many chances in the playoffs

only to be played off the court.

Lebron with all his brawn

has again been bronzed

into a runner up cup.

Cleveland becomes peeved land

once more as Rondo was

stuck like bondo to the ball

until he reached the net.

Perched on the edge of my seat

through six games

like a ball balanced precariously

On the Cavaliers rim

only to fall off in despair.

I was a regular rug hugger

screaming at the boob tube

so much that I was

suffering from laryngitis

at the arthritis of the team

one loves to hate.

What curse parked a hearse

at the Gund Arena

to carry off all of the Cavs

who were outgunned

and gunned down

before they could get

their own shots in.

Whatever happened

to the old game

the polite game

where it wasn't

a street brawl

trying to take out

the leader of the pack

by hanging all over him

and fouling him

in far too many

non-called ways.

Working on that sore elbow

wearing down the

beauty of the shot

with glancing blows unseen

by the pair of blind zebras

with silent whistled necklaces.

Alas a team has

to play better

then the worst referee

or they will simply lose.

What is the Cavaliers net worth

when the players can't cash in

on its accumulated deposits.

Will Lebron stay?

His family is here,

he is a superb

community memeber

always helping out the needy

and offering his

time to his fans.

The chinese also

have investments

in the Cavaliers

with pockets that are deeper

then the bottomless pit

Clevland has once more

fallen into.

They can pay Lebron

any amount of money

to keep him here.

so that he won't get

Knicked or disappear by Magic

or wind up as one of the Bulls

endless craps on the courts.

MVP two years in a row,

but no title to go with it.

I am bleeding wine red

into what I thought was

a 24 carat  cup but turned out

to be fools gold once more.

But I have always

backed the underdogs,

it is so much more exciting

to watch a team slated to lose

overcome their weakness

and trounce the standard,

(YAWN) boring

giants of the games.

I Like The Saints whose

crooked halos go

back to Bum Philips 

a team who failed for years.

I root for the Cubs

who most cannot bear,

I have been known

to hope for the Browns

and only gotten mud in my eye.

but there have been

moments of brilliance

that sustain me in my thirst for

the underdogs to become

pit bulls on a rampage.

I will enjoy the off-season

slam dunking donuts in my coffee

and dribbling a wee bit more

tequilla on my shirt

as I teeter on the rim of sorrow

only to fall  as a fan-atic

into the strait jacket

off another winless year

that is my fate.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III 



















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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 7 years ago from Southern Illinois

      The only kinds of sports i like are tennis and golf.( i know i,m a sissy),still it,s great to have a competitive interest in anything you enjoy. The jewelry you created is awesome.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Yo Dude! Great stuff. I don't watch B-ball or any ball anymore. I played sports. I watched. I pulled for that underdog. I quit watching. Then I heard Paul Harvey say one day, "Did you see what Larry Bird did last night?" So I watched that team that many have hated- but they were my underdogs against all the money in the world and the LA Lakers. I loved to watch that magic from aging hoopsters against the best team money could buy. I know the agony of defeat.