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Life and Basketball

Updated on January 22, 2015

Basketball Is More Than A Game

It is one of the most exciting time of the year when March Madness is in full gear.

Fans fill the stands cheering feverishly as their favorite team takes the floor.

The atmosphere is electric and every basketball team across America is attempting to position themselves to advance to the next level.

Ultimately to the Championship Game.

This is the case at every level, High School, College, and Professional Basketball Arenas.

In Basketball, the main element that fuels this engine is winning.

Even at the high school level, in order to advance to the next round you must win.

The spirit of competition is at an all-time high and the desired outcome is winning.

Nobody wants to lose.

But everybody can't win, because at the end of the day there is only (1) one team that can be crowded Champion.

The ultimate prize for every Athlete is to wear the Title of Champion.

This title distinguishes you from the rest of the group.

It places you among the Greats.

How Basketball Simulates Life

It is more than just a game.

Basketball transcends the label of "Game".

It draws many similarities to the overall concepts of life.

For instance, the concept of team work is necessary in order for a basketball team to become a champion.

It is also necessary if you wish to be successful in accomplishing significant goals in life.

If you take a good look at the intricacies of basketball, you will discover how it parallels our lives.

Everyone plays a role, whether your position is guard, forward or center.

You assume the responsibilities of carrying out the requirements of that position.

In Life, everyone has a role.

Basketball Opens The Door To Possibilities

We grew up playing Basketball and we are very passionate about the game.

To This day basketball still plays a significant role in the culture of our community.

It is more than just a game for many growing up in an impoverished neighborhood.

See why basketball is a means of escape for many.

We love the game because it carries with it a potential ticket to better opportunity.

Opportunity, that otherwise is not available to our community.

For this reason many up and coming athletes are dedicated to the sport.

For many, basketball is like the air we breath.

It is the lifeline of hope.

Support your favorite team, wear the fan gear!

March Madness is a wonderful time of year.

Who knows, you're probably cheering for the one player who has come from humble beginnings and basketball has afforded them the opportunity for potential advancement in life.

It's More Than Just A Game!

What percentage of High School Basketball Players make it to the NBA?

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