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Two of the Best Defensive Players in the NBA

Updated on September 3, 2020

Who are you Picking?

Roughed Battle

The game of basketball it is not always about scoring the ball, it is not always making shots outside and dunking the ball. You can’t win a championship ring without playing defense. I remember what the legend Michael Jordan said, ”Scoring the ball wins you games, but playing tough defense wins you championship.” That is why His Chicago Bulls team were very successful because of their locked down defense against their opponents especially in the playoffs.

People are wondering what is most important scoring the ball or playing tough defense? Or prolific scorer or tough defender? For me both of these skills are important because how you can help your team if your guarding is scoring a lot and your are not playing hard enough defense? And how you can help your team win if your not gonna score the ball? In my opinion you got to have scoring, a balance and a balance defense. Basketball is a team sport you can win without a help from your teammates. These two guys I’m gonna talk about is all about helping their team to win games by their rough defense against the best scorers in the NBA way back then.

Ben Wallace played for the DETROIT PISTONS he entered to the league, he was undrafted in the 1996 NBA draft. As a rookie like any other rookie he was not made an impact yet, it took a while for him to get noticed by the fans. As far as i remember a several years after he entered. Basketball experts told that he was the next Dennis Rodman because of his tough defense inside the lane, and ability to rebound the ball, unlike Dennis Rodman, Ben Wallace has a leaping ability and can block the ball. He was best remembered when they defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in 2004 NBA Finals.The Lakers were more heavy favorite to win that NBA Finals. Because the Lakers had a Shaquille O’neal, Kobe Bryant, Gary Payton, Karl Malone. They dominated the west on that year, many thought Lakers will win easily against the Detroit Pistons.

But the Detroit Pistons were on a mission, proving a lot people that they were wrong. And they defeated the Los Angeles Lakers four wins to one. Ben Wallace defense against Shaquille O’neal was remarkable he limited Shaquille O'neal to below his average points per game and the rest of his teammates was controlled by the other Pistons.

Ron Artest he entered to the NBA in the 1999 NBA draft he was 16th overall pick by the Chicago Bulls and 3 years later he got traded to Indiana Pacers. Ron was not known yet for his defensive game until couple of years later when he was big part of Indiana Pacers that could had made to NBA Finals almost every year. On 2009 Ron Artest got traded to Los Angeles Lakers and eventually won his NBA Championship ring. Ron Artest's game is, frustrating you by his sticky defense with his dirty tactics. He has an outside shooting and a little bit of a post up game.

Ben Wallace:

Outside Game – 3 Inside Game – 5 Defense – 8 Post up game – 5

Ron Artest:

Outside Game – 6 Inside Game – 5 Defense – 7 Post up game – 5

My pick on this i would say Ben Wallace.

Emotions Flared Up

Never Before Seen

Rough and Dirty is a part of the game of basketball you can’t survive on the game if you don’t deal the physicality. You have to get your body ready to adapt to the physicality that the basketball has. You have to get your body and mentally ready to be mix in what they called nasty style of basketball in the NBA.

If we look into the NBA style of playing back in the days, you got to foul hard in order the refs get notice the foul. And that started the heated trash talking, word by word exchange, heated confrontation after the game, locker room confrontations, Parking lot fights, that’s what physical game will bring. If noticed in a sports a lot of fights happened in the past or right now, the sports of basketball has a most fights happened.

There are no more sports other than the basketball that a fight might happens, Maybe because basketball players by their background their past. Living in rough life maybe is one reason why they act like tough in the basketball court. In a tight game especially down the stretch, it gets more physical. No easy basket therefore banging bodies gets more intense so the result is a potential fight inside the court. Nobody wanted to lose in important game, it is by nature that the players might come into blows. Ben Wallace (Right) and Ron Artest (Left) had an incident one of their game happened way back November of 2004. Ben Wallace was driving down to the Basket when Ron Artest was intentionally hacked Ben Wallace to the back of his head and leaned it. Because from the start of the game it was physical all the way to end. Ben Wallace got upset on that fouled, he shoved Ron Artest to the face and wanted to fight.

But teammates of both guys were there to stopped it. And the fans of the Detroit Pistons got involved, one fan threw a bottle with i guess bottle with water. Ron Artest ran into that fan and punched the fan who threw a bottle of water to him. It is ugly to see a players and fans fight, because of that brawl the game was stopped by game officials.

Indiana Pacers players were escorted as they leave the arena because fans of the Detroit Pistons were mobbing them. Throwing bottled water, sandwiches, and everything was thrown into Pacers players as they leave. After the game suspensions was implemented to those players involved. Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, Jermaine O’neal, and several other Pacers players. On Detroit Pistons side Ben Wallace, Richard Hamilton, and several Pistons players who ran inside the court were suspended.

All photos and written here are my personal stuff.


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