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Bass Fishing Information

Updated on March 22, 2010

No matter what type of fishing you do and what sort of fish you are going for, it’s always an active sport that in one way can relax you and in another can really stress you out.

If you are learning from the ground up by yourself it will take you an awful lot of time before you learn the tricks and hook some good fish.

If fishing is your new passion and you want to learn the ropes fast, join your local fishing club and watch closely your fishing buddies.

When you talk about bass fishing information is crucial to were you plan to gear up your rods.

It´s an art in a sort of way, because you can have a line of a 100 fishermen on the beach trying their luck in one spot and only a few really know what they are doing and bring in the fish.

Knowledge in tides, wind, currents, moon fases, sea bottom whether it’s rocky or sandy, bait, fishing lines, hooks, fishing rods, the sort of diet bass is feeding on, and so many other elements are important if you wish to be successful at bass fishing.

Basic Tips

Bass fishing information in a nut shell for those who want to learn and catch your first fishes, you should of course get a suitable telescopic fishing rod about 4 meters long with an average reel filled with 0.35mm or 0.40mm line.

This same rod should be able to be used in surfcasting as well be light enough if you plan in doing float fishing as well.

Keep in mind that the color of the line should be close as to the color of the water where you are fishing.

Make sure you have learned and practiced to do various types of fishing related knots and learn as well how to cast.

Go to your nearest beach or pier just with your rod and weight on the end of the line and just practice casting until you can cast your line and place it on the spot that you have mentally selected.

A few tips on bass fishing information is choosing the right spot to place your rods when surfcasting and being aware of the area, such as on a bit of an enclave that provokes white water, bass love feeding in turmoiled sandy bottoms.

Look for in the sky if you see any birds gathering out in the sea and diving.

This usually means that there is a school of fish feeding on smaller fish and the seabirds are just diving and feeding on the leftovers.

Float fishing for bass on a pier has its art as well. As a beginner the same rod should do.

A 15 to 25 gram float ought to do but make sure the end hook line blends in as well with the color of the water.

Not too heavy a weight, not to light, just enough weight including bait to keep the float half way in the water. Ask around what sort of small sea life lives around on the bottom of the pier and get the same bait. Your chances will improve.

Think like a fish

Keep in mind that bass are predators, in adulthood they are masters at using the surrounding environment for their benefit and camouflage meaning that if you see a difference in water color like a sandy suspension next to clear water, if there is bass to be caught, most definitely they will be hanging around the muddy water preying on potential victims swimming in the more clearer water. They attack out of the “blue”, go in for the kill and return to where they feel safer.



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